Live Transfer Leads

A world of opportunities opens for lending agencies that take advantage of live transfer leads to bolster company growth. It’s a great way to reel in prospects with the goal of converting them to customers. The best part is that everything happens in real-time—you can guide the leads into your sales funnel right as soon as you acquire them.

Often, it gets exhausting to chase would-be clients using traditional channels like telemarketing and cold calling. You might have experienced getting rejected a few times through these means. With a live transfer, you can start talking to a valuable lead and hopefully close a successful deal with them.

MasterMCA is your one-stop solution for high-quality business leads. Our team finds business owners and merchants interested in quick financing and forwards them to you after thoroughly screening them. This way, you will surely connect with people who have a great interest in your products and services.

Live transfer leads: what are they?

A live transfer lead refers to real-time, exclusive sales leads that offer a better chance of finding the most suitable clients for your lending firm. Lead service providers deliver them through the process of handing off the prospect to your sales team by a call take over.

Live transfers involve pre-qualified business leads who explicitly expressed their interest in financing-related offers like merchant cash advances and commercial loans. They pass verification and credential checks and are willing to receive more information about different funding options.

Most buyers would agree that live transfer leads provide higher conversion rates, making them some of the most powerful and effective lead types. Live transfer leads are exclusive and gained in real-time, ensuring a 100% contact rate for you.

Studies show that 85% of experts prefer instant conversation with real-time leads. It’s a way for lending agents to form an immediate impression that boosts conversions and sales. When you tie up this valuable lead generation strategy with your sales strategy, you will surely win over prospects who can become your loyal clients in the future.

How does it work?

Basically, the provider speaks to the lead typically via phone call, verifying their interest in financing products. These people voluntarily give their information, which the lead specialist will use to match them with the right lending agency. If the live transfer leads fit your criteria and eligibility requirements, the provider will forward the correspondence to you upon the prospect’s consent.

Aside from connecting you with potential clients, the provider also delivers the information given by the prospect. This data lead can help kickstart the relationship between the would-be client and lender. Also, it allows the financing company to know more about the prospect’s details.

When you buy these leads, you can create a sales campaign tailored for the prospect based on their need and qualifications. Whether it’s MCA, term loan, or other forms of financing they are searching for, you can provide the loan product that supports their financial growth.

Live transfer process

Lead generation for live transfers involves trial and error that can help you land valuable clients for your business. Here are some of the standard steps taken by a lead provider like MasterMCA to curate a robust list for you.

Learning your criteria

Before we begin scouring different channels for leads, we need to discuss your ideal prospects. You can give us a clear idea of the type of customers you want to serve. From there, our team can summarize the different criteria that can help us reach the right targets.

Catching leads

Lead generation is essentially catching the right people and businesses that can bring value to your lending firm. These high-intent leads are always out there waiting to be found. What MasterMCA does is we round up resources that guide us towards top-quality business owners and merchants who need your assistance.

Our experts set up a traffic-driving strategy to accomplish this task. We make smart placements for display ads, email marketing, targeted ads, social media advertising, and every other marketing tactic applicable. We make sure that the landing pages, websites, and platforms we use are visible to your preferred leads.


The use of a lead management tool is indispensable in this process. It validates every lead for their intent and accuracy of the data they submit. The verification method may run as many as 30 checks using five or more sources. It’s the best line of defense against scammers and opportunists who want nothing more than to disturb the lead flow.

Making contact

The next move after identifying leads is establishing contact with them to gauge their intent. They are leads who expressed interest in business financing whether online, in writing, or on call. This procedure allows us to determine whether the prospect is worth forwarding to your sales team.

Often, this step is a struggle for lead generation specialists. Not every prospect agrees to further communication. There are several instances where they drop the call or simply ignore attempts to talk to them. For this reason, MasterMCA carefully shifts every lead to ensure they are willing participants in the process.

Reviewing the offer

Our experts will then encourage them to review the offers on the website or landing page. The customers can then call the hotline provided to them or have them fill out a form. It demonstrates the lead’s intention further regarding your financing options.

Form submission

After making the necessary arrangements to find valuable live transfer leads, the team will submit the form to allow you to manage the leads. You can receive high-quality prospects’ information via email, CRM, or email.

Transferring the lead

With the careful evaluation of our experts, we determine whether the lead is highly qualified and “warm” or willing to go through with the loan. Our agents will place the valuable prospects on hold and then contact your sales agents. In this light, it’s ideal for you to always have people on your team who are ready to handle the call.

Once we are sure that your agent is available, we will hand over the lead and let you move forward with your sales funnel. These prospects have a high chance of converting. With a properly designed sales campaign, you can successfully convince these leads to become your customers.

Live transfer options

Normally, prospects sourced from the Internet do not have the surety that comes with live transfers. You might encounter problems reaching the lead since a lot of variables are unknown in the situation. Are they really interested in business financing programs? Did they fill out their contact details truthfully? You will have quick answers to these questions with live transfers.

Here are some of the options for live transfers which you can avail yourself from your trusted lead providers.

Standard live transfers

The typical live transfer takes place in a swift manner. The call between the prospecting expert and lead is routed to buyers (a.k.a. the buying lender) using a call matching service. The phone information and other details collected during the initial contact will determine the rightful buyer to which the call is forwarded.

The routing logic of the live transfer often depends on the area code of the prospect. This feature allows the client to coordinate with a lending firm near them and vice versa.

Partial post method

You can also acquire live transfer leads through data matching. It’s a highly customized process that enables you to buy leads that match your criteria. However, this method notifies other competitors that are also looking for leads with the same qualifications.

The data collected in real-time such as zip code, credit rating, mortgage amount, and other basic information becomes available on the lead provider’s server. The call will finally be routed to the most suitable buyer according to the routing system.

Full response method

Data matching via full response method refers to getting all the necessary information about the lead and submitting it to the provider’s system. The details gathered upon the initial call are the basis for matching the prospect to the right lending firm.

This tactic helps you find valuable leads who are ready to secure quick funding from your business. They meet your eligibility requirements and are capable of handling commercial debt. Once the match is made, the lead provider’s call center agent will transfer the corresponding call to your sales representatives.

Benefits of live transfer leads

Live transfer business financing leads provide several benefits for your business. This type of lead generation can bring you closer to owners and merchants actively seeking quick and uncomplicated financing.

Below are some advantages that you can get from live transfers.

Save time

Finding leads is not an easy task, especially if you don’t have the right tools and strategies for it. When you focus exclusively on Internet leads (those who click your links or visit your page) you might lose out on the more valuable leads out there. Live transfers can help you find and connect with such prospects quickly and efficiently.

Leads from live transfers are generally easier to bring into your sales funnel. Since the leads provider screens and validates the leads, you can spend more time on optimizing your conversion strategies to make sure that your prospects become satisfied customers.

100% contact rate

How many times. Have you ever had to leave a message to leads that often get ignored or unanswered? You might have left several voicemails because they wouldn’t pick up your calls. It’s the usual scenario when trying to find leads. However, that does not mean you have to shoulder these worries just to get customers.

Live transfers can help you get a perfect contact rate. You can talk to your prospects and real-time after the provider routes the call to you. Not only do you save time but also effort in reaching out to leads that can boost your business growth.

Smoothens your sales flow

When you have the right leads, you don’t have to aggressively perform your sales talk since you have their attention from the get-go. Instead, you can concentrate on making it easier for the client to say yes to your deal. You can do so by ensuring that your products and services are exactly what they require for their business.

You have a huge chance of landing a sale with live transfer leads. It’s only a matter of providing the best solution to their most pressing financial needs.

Acquire receptive customers

With live transfers, it’s entirely possible for prospects to initiate a conversation with you instead of the other way around. These business owners are attentive to your offers and insights, making them want to learn more about you. This shift consequently lightens the tone of your sales conversations.

Would-be clients are more receptive to partner with you if they feel in command of the conversation. Therefore, it’s safe to say that they will listen carefully once they know that their voice is heard and valued. After all, they’re not the only ones to benefit from doing business with you.

Live transfers make for clients who are eager to talk to you about your financing solutions. They already meet the pre-qualifying criteria that you set, and they have high-intent to close a deal with your firm.

Higher conversion rate

Hubspot reveals that 60% of clients prefer to speak with a live agent for any sales-related matter. They are looking for real-time input before making the final decision about getting a loan. Since there’s no doubt that they need quick funding, prospects from a live transfer have a high probability of converting into an actual sale.

Although there’s no guarantee that all your leads will become your clients, you have better chances when you have a steady supply of valuable leads. Live transfers are the way for you to improve your conversion rates.

Freedom to set your schedule

Relying solely on Internet leads can mean that you have to make someone from your team available all the time to receive lead calls or messages. That can take away their time from working on the core tasks of your business. With live transfers, you can set the best schedule to get the routed calls.

You are in control of the who, when, and where when acquiring live transfers. It can help you allocate your time for other aspects of your business as opposed to focusing on only one task.

Lower customer acquisition expenses

Marketing tactics can rack up over time, making you spend more if your lead generation strategies fall short. Traditional methods like cold calling, digital paid ads, directory advertising, and direct mailings can increase your customer acquisition spending. However, live transfer leads are more cost-effective since it lets you skip some trial-and-error parts of marketing strategies.

Live transfer prospects often make their intentions clear, so you have a good idea of where they are in the buying decision. It provides a shortcut for you to make the sale at a lower cost than normal.

Value-worthy leads

Buying leads isn’t as cheap as you would like, but it’s definitely one of the tactics wherein the cost can justify the result. The best live transfers can connect you with high-value prospects who pass your criteria. In some cases, you can also ask them some qualifying questions to make sure that their needs match your products.

The truth is not everyone is a good fit for your financing solutions. Live transfer lets you spend rightly on leads who can make a difference to your company. You don’t need to pay for prospects who didn’t make the cut.

Enhance your sales pitch

Live transfers allow you to reach your target audience. Since you know the type of borrowing business you want to approach, you can build a sales strategy tailored specifically for them. You can shape tactics to make the leads sign that closing deal without fuss and in a swift manner.

When you have live transfer prospects, there’s no need to make lengthy and repetitive appeals. You are past the point of explaining to them why they need your products and services. Instead, you can develop your sales talk in a way that presents your lending agency as the perfect solution to their financial woes.

Focus on relationship building

You can take your marketing aggressiveness down a notch if you use live transfer tactics. The most suitable leads can quickly become your lifelong clients. They only ever need to become aware of your presence, and everything can fall into place when your lead generation and sales strategies are in tune.

The steady stream of high-value prospects can enable you to build and nurture relationships with future clients. They can be the game changer for your business. If you focus on keeping them happy and satisfied, these would-be customers can provide word-of-mouth reviews that go in your favor. That’s how more people can discover you!

Better hit ratio

When an internet lead clicks your links or requests a quote, that does not automatically translate to a sale. On the other hand, real-time leads have passed pre-qualification processes and are actively searching for the best lender. It’s more than having interest; prospects from live transfers are often more than ready to acquire a business loan.

Improve ROI

Return on investment (ROI) is an essential metric signifying that you get the best results for what you paid. When you maximize your ROI, you are also spending less to convert leads to sales. The live transfer specialist pre-screens every prospect to verify their interest. It lessens the incidence of cold leads and increases your profitability in the market.

Allocate resources effectively

Knowing when to receive live transfers can help you decide who will handle this aspect of your business. You don’t need to put everyone on the job, nor do you have to allocate excessive money, effort, and time for this process. Therefore, you can assign tasks efficiently and ensure that all areas are handled by the right expert with the most suitable resources on hand.

Components of a live transfer

Live transfers can have varying characteristics depending on the provider, but there are similar features that identify this type of lead generation.

Live transfer call flow

The call flow for live transfers involves the correspondence of the willing prospect and agent. Once they meet eligibility requirements and demonstrate high-intent, the call is routed to the best buying lender.

The key element of the call flow is the lead’s agreement to have their call transferred to the lender. Without consent, this process can bring hassle to prospects, causing them to disengage from your offers entirely.

Call averages

There are no exact hourly averages for live transfer calls since they can vary based on several factors. One leads provider may choose lengthy scripts or have more qualifying questions for would-be clients. However, you can have an idea of how live transfer works through these estimates:

  • Business to business or B2B live transfer services typically have an average of 25 to 40 calls per hour. They can bring in 5 to 9 pitches every hour.
  • Business to consumer or B2C live transfers can deliver 70 to 90 calls in an hour with 15 to 17 pitches happening each hour.
  • Experts suggest using four-hour call blocks to achieve the best results.
ID detail
  • Reference ID. Every initial contact on record will have its own ID that contains the client’s details. You can integrate them to your CRM or other formats to keep the information accessible.
  • Transfer ID. When you receive the routed call, you will see the hotline ID to let you know that the incoming call is a live transfer. Alternatively, you can opt to have the prospect’s caller ID displayed.
  • Caller ID. Your details like company name and phone number, or the provider’s number can be displayed whenever a lead tries to call back for an offer.
Leads report

The leads specialist prepares a daily report that details information regarding the day’s activities contact-wise. This record can include every lead’s submitted detail like their name and address, reference ID, and more.

Additionally, your report can also include the transfer info such as who took the call, as well as the date and time of transfer. You can receive a daily summary of the transfers to give you an idea of how your campaign is fairing.

To ensure that your live transfer campaign is successful, you will also be handed daily reports pertaining to the overall status of the service. Included in the daily report is the number of live transfers, call hours, and lead rate.

Having these details allows you to see for yourself whether the live transfer strategy provides satisfactory results for your business. It helps you understand how the campaign works in delivering live transfer leads that can boost your company’s performance and sales.

Quality assurance

A good lead generation expert evaluates the live transfers happening daily. They can do silent monitoring of every correspondence to maintain the level of quality you expect. Call center agents get reviewed and rated for their performance as well, ensuring that they communicate with live transfer leads according to the script.

Also, calls can be recorded with permission from the prospects themselves. This tactic allows the leads provider to improve team performance and improve key areas to boost the live transfer campaign.

Making the most of live transfers

Live transfers, when done properly, can provide a host of benefits for your financing agency. This lead generation strategy can optimize your sales campaign. How can you make live transfers work for you? Here are some tips to consider.

Setting the criteria meticulously

Live call transfers can become a great tool for your business if you have solid criteria for the type of prospects you want to do business with. Ideally, you can consider geographical location as the biggest factor for your preference. It is easier to coordinate with business owners and merchants who are near your area.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of products and services you want to offer. Are you looking for merchant cash advance leads? Do you want clients seeking equipment financing? Being specific about your ideal prospects can help you target the right people more effectively.

Know your product

How many clients have businesses lost just because they failed to introduce their products and services properly? Knowing your offer is a crucial step in convincing your would-be customers to choose you over your competitors. Not only should you be prepared to take live transfer calls but also ready to discuss your financing deals in a professional manner.

Your valuable leads will want to soak in all relevant information regarding your products. Your sales agents should give the right answers at the right time. Therefore, every member of your team needs to study and research your offers to make sure that they can make the best sales pitch for your business.

Avoid being pushy

There are a lot of times when a customer gets turned off because they feel that the sales agent is pushing the offer to their face. There is a thin line between selling a product and forcing the client to avail themselves of it. You might fail to close the deal even when you’re already communicating with a verified lead.

With any conversation that takes place with your prospect, it’s best to let it happen naturally. You have to remember that these people actively seek and want your financing products. It doesn’t take much for them to say yes–just avoid high-pressure tactics and you might just have another successful conversion in your hand.

Follow up

Real-time transfers have a 100% contact rate, but that does not immediately mean that all lead to a sale. There are times when you need to make a little extra effort by following up on your prospects. They might need more than one conversation to make a final buying decision.

There’s no need to feel disappointed when the lead call doesn’t transform into an instant sale. Before hanging up after the call, you should set a follow-up schedule and make sure to see it through.

Offer flexible payments

Repayment plans for business financing can be one of the deciding factors for the client. Even if the lead is verified and ready to acquire a loan from you, they might not say yes because the payment plans are too stiff and too much for them to afford.

If you want to attract prospects to your offer, you should consider setting up flexible repayment terms that fit your client’s preferences.

Frequently asked questions

How are live transfers priced?

When you buy live transfer prospects, you will pay for every lead that gets routed to you. This lead generation tactic guarantees the chance for a conversation with high-value leads, which means they are typically more expensive than other types of lead. However, they are a good investment that can improve your rates and ratios.

How do I receive live transfers?

Since this strategy happens in real-time, you will immediately have the opportunity to speak with the prospect as soon as you are available. You can also receive the necessary data in the format and platform you prefer, such as integrating them into your CRM.

Are these leads exclusive?

Live transfer leads are 100% exclusive. That means you don’t have to compete with any other lender for the chance to speak with the leads. However, you should make sure that your sales strategy ties up with your lead generation tactics to streamline the process and results.

The takeaway

MasterMCA is the perfect partner for your lending agency when it comes to securing valuable leads. You can get live transfer leads that are pre-qualified and verified, ensuring that you can lead them into your sales funnel. It’s a great way to match with the most suitable would-be clients for your business!