MCA Leads

Businesses operate to make money, but it is often said that you need money in order to make money. Hence, businesses are always scouting around to find cash inputs that would assist them in their production or services. Even though there are various options, one of the ways to do this is to find a merchant cash advance (MCA). For this, they would need to find the best source or provider, and it is possible through MCA leads.

Services such as MasterMCA are always at hand to service the needs of financiers to find the best leads and to connect them to business owners that are seriously looking for funding. They are, therefore, in the business of capturing valuable MCA leads to be of service to both businesses and financial institutions. Businesses are looking for help in terms of cash as well as in terms of financial advice.

Thus, businesses will look at various ways of ensuring that their businesses run smoothly and optimally. One of the most important cash sources is merchant cash advances. So, it is important to look at what a merchant cash advance is and then find out how MCA leads may be of help as well.

What are Merchant Cash Advances?

Businesses often need to boost their cash flow, or working capital, in order to run their business on a daily basis. They would need immediate cash to pay their providers and other services in cash, purchase unexpected inventory shortages, or pay their employees. Merchant cash advances are a quick way of providing for this need.

Merchant cash advances provide a cash advance and are, therefore, especially useful as working capital. Having a reputable company, much like MasterMCA, can make it easier to gain access to cash advances. Cash advances are popular as they give the borrower access to cash through credit card sales. The credit card sales will provide the borrower access to as much cash as needed.

In order to get access to merchant cash advances, most businesses do not need to go to the trouble of looking for it. MasterMCA is a master at finding and creating MCA leads.

What are Merchant Cash Advance Leads?

MCA leads are leads that can be directly connected to businesses that are specifically looking for working capital. These leads are also directly related to merchant cash advances, as the name states – MCA leads. It is also particularly geared to lenders that are in a position to provide the borrowers with what they need in terms of cash-on-demand loans. MCA leads can be divided into real-time leads and aged leads.

Real-time Leads for Merchant Cash Advances

Businesses looking for capital to expand their operations can be contacted through MasterMCA. These businesses are looking at different ways to solve their financial issues and, as said, merchant cash advances are one way of doing so. Real-time MCA leads offer two options:

Live Transfer Calls

MasterMCA provides financiers with real-time calls to connect with businesses actively seeking a merchant cash advance. These calls are made in real-time and consistently, so the financiers can speak directly to business owners who are in need of financial help.

As a service provider, MasterMCA provides financiers with true and qualified and, therefore, prospective MCA leads. The leads that are seriously looking for merchant cash advances are connected in real-time. Businesses and financiers are assured that they are in contact with a real person in real-time.

These leads are immediate connections and are highly qualified. MasterMCA would be the service to screen these leads to connect lenders with key businesses in real-time. The leads are provided and guaranteed exclusively to lenders that purchase the particular MCA leads.

Appointment Leads

Leads often become dead-ends. In other words, even though the financier has a lead, it may never lead to contact with the business owner. MasterMCA is able to assist by setting up appointments via the Internet. These appointments are pre-determined and only become actual appointments if the business owner is definitely interested in merchant cash advances and further information around them.

MasterMCA provides the business owner with all these details as well as information regarding the financier. The details included in the appointment setup are a pre-screening questionnaire and a secure appointment link to the financier’s calendar. The prospective lead will receive an e-mail confirming the appointment.

Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Should businesses make an inquiry, it would be recorded as an Aged Merchant Cash Advance lead. MasterMCA, for example, would use this to be of service to the business owners, but more so to the financiers, in that there would be a record of their interest in merchant cash advances. An individual financier would not have to spend time and money searching for businesses looking for MCAs.

By looking at businesses that have looked at merchant cash advances before, MasterMCA can connect financial providers directly to the client with a history of searching for financial help as well as for merchant cash advances. These MCA leads can, therefore, be of great help to financial providers in particular.

Aged Merchant Cash Advance leads are also more cost-effective to use as they are not as costly as new or current leads. An important aspect of these leads is that the financial inquiry is not limited to MCAs but would include all other types of loan inquiries. Aged leads are also quite effective in many ways, as MasterMCA would, for example, find these leads soon after an inquiry. This means that the interest is still high and could be genuine as a prospective lead.

These are positive leads as they are low cost and have a high potential to generate actual customers.

How Does MasterMCA Generate Merchant Cash Advance Leads

It is easy for MasterMCA to create a database of MCA leads. The prospects are those businesses that are genuinely interested in applying for a merchant cash advance. MasterMCA has the capacity to:

  • Identify the business owners who are looking for an MCA loan. These businesses would be the prospects that would genuinely qualify as MCA leads.
  • Many leads can also be generated through various channels such as e-mail marketing, social media, cold calling, search engine optimization (SEO), and podcasts or video presentations. Furthermore, there are other ways, such as telecommunication, SMS or other mobile app campaigns, online adverts, banners, and pay-per-click advertising.
  • Even though LinkedIn has recently become more of a social media site, it is still a platform where many business leads, including MCA leads, can be set up or generated
  • To follow competitors to see what they do, but more so to ensure that they provide exclusive deals to lenders and brokers.
  • They would be able to note businesses that have made other types of loans. A clue could be if they are specifically looking into unsecured loans. By looking at the time frame, these businesses might be interested in a merchant cash advance and could become leads as well.
  • Hire a company that specializes in MCA lead generation. It might cost a little more, but in the long term, it could save time and money. However, these leads could be valuable and could lead to generating the desired sales.

Most of these MCA leads can be generated online and in real-time. It makes them quite lucrative as these might be sure customers and a good return on investment.

How MasterMCA Can Help Lenders Get Merchant Cash Advance Leads

In many instances, businesses come across merchant cash advances in the following ways:

  • They may be looking for a way to supplement their company’s cash flow. In their search for a cash injection into their businesses, they might find merchant cash advances an option.
    • MasterMCA would find these searches and direct such leads to lenders or brokers.
    • This makes it easier for lenders to offer businesses the help they need in terms of immediate cash.
    • Many of these businesses are also in need of financial advice and the lenders offered by MasterMCA, for example, can be of service to them in this way as well.
  • They have had previous experience with merchant cash advances – that is, they have applied for it before – and simply wish to use the avenue of MCA again. In this case, they might want to find a different finance provider. The lead service provider will also assist businesses by providing these leads to lenders in the off-chance that the business might be considering a merchant cash advance.
  • Upstart businesses, but sometimes also established businesses, are often in need of financial assistance, especially with regard to merchant cash advances. They will need assistance deciding what the best choice is for their purposes. The service provider can ensure that there is a connection between businesses and lenders. This is especially true for real-time MCA leads and in terms of Live Transfer Calls.

By using MasterMCA as a service, funding services can also find new business clients. This is possible as businesses are often not sure of what merchant cash advances are and would need some help with it.

Frequently Asked Questions for MCA Leads

How can one define MCA Leads?

When business owners are actively looking for funds to inject into their businesses, they are essentially MCA leads. These are businesses that are effectively looking for quick and easy funding. The MCA leads are also those who are specifically looking for merchant cash advances as a quick and easy solution.

What is the cost of MCA leads?

There are costs involved in MCA leads. These costs would depend on what the lender needed it for and what leads are available. MasterMCA, for example, is not focused on one aspect of funding but has merchant cash advance lead as a major aspect. For each purpose, the costs would be different.

It is also a matter of the fact that the lender might have an initial discovery of the customer in mind, but the customer might need further assistance. Thus, there might be initial costs but then further costs. The pricing will, therefore, not be fixed but can be tiered according to the lender’s needs.

As a result, MasterMCA can charge differently for different types of leads, such as aged lead records and real-time leads.

What does it take to generate MCA leads?

Business owners are always looking for funding and most often review MCA loans. Their interest in funding leaves a footprint, especially if there is a genuine interest. These footprints can be translated into MCA leads.

Other ways of gathering or generating MCA leads are through e-mail marketing, social media, cold calling, search engine optimization (SEO), podcasts or video presentations, telecommunication, SMS or other MobileApp campaigns, online adverts, and banner and pay-per-click advertising.

MCA leads can also be garnered through the interest businesses show in certain types of loans. By looking at the time frame, these businesses might be interested in a merchant cash advance and could become leads as well.

There are companies that specialize in MCA lead generation and would be able to assist in generating the MCA leads.

What are Live Transfer Calls?

MCA leads provide an immediate connection with highly qualified potential customers. These leads are pre-screened to connect lenders with key businesses in real-time. The pre-screening ensures that calls are with real people and that they can potentially lead to an active sale. The leads are provided and guaranteed exclusively to lenders that purchase the particular MCA leads.

What are Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads?

These are positive leads as they are low cost and have a high potential to generate actual customers. The leads are generated from businesses that have looked at merchant cash advances before. A company such as MasterMCA can connect financial providers directly to the client with a history of searching for financial help and, in particular, for merchant cash advances.

What is working capital?

Businesses need daily cash to operate and function optimally on a daily basis, and working capital is the daily cash flow for day-to-day expenses.