What are MCA Leads

Leads today are beneficial to a business’s success. However, not many owners fully know its essence. In context, a lead is anything or anyone that has seen and inquired about a product or service. This article will tackle one of the most suitable leads in the Merchant Cash Advance industry, its benefits, and how MCA providers maximize its advantages.

The MCA industry is growing, and so are the businesses that aim to boost sales for MCA lenders. Here lies the importance of MCA leads. High-quality MCA leads mean better conversions for lenders and providers. Consequently, these leads offer better revenue and sales ratio. Businesses generate MCA leads using an extensive process to gather all qualified business owner prospects. Moreover, they are a cost-effective approach in marketing as they reduce the lender’s expenses, time, and effort in acquiring eligible merchants.

How do MCA leads work?

MCA leads are real-time and exclusive leads provided to MCA lenders. The leads include merchants seeking immediate funding. In most cases, MCA lenders generate leads from live television broadcasts and radio commercials. These platforms are channels where lenders can get merchant prospects looking for funding. Additionally, there are MCA lead providers utilizing websites. It’s where merchants complete and submit forms and have providers contact them for possible discussions and MCA applications.

As companies generate MCA leads, lenders take the hassle of looking for merchant prospects and instead focus on improving their services. Additionally, these leads contain essential information which can expedite loan approvals. Before these merchants go straight to lenders, they undergo screening based on sales, time in business, and revenue. MCA leads basically provides a win-win scenario for lenders to get high-quality leads; as a result, merchants can secure immediate funding without the need to shop for a more extended period.

Types of MCA leads

When looking for MCA lead generator specialists, you should also know that these leads come in various types. The service cost will also depend on the kind of MCA leads you want to purchase. To have a broader idea of how this industry works, be familiar with the types of MCA leads. Below is a list of the most common ones lenders can purchase for their business.

Aged MCA leads

One of the most suitable and affordable MCA leads comes from MCA-aged leads. As lenders purchase aged leads, you are instantly given access to thousands of merchants. With all the essential merchant data, lenders can immediately deploy strategies to assess the specific needs of the merchants and business owners. Also, MCA providers can include merchant contacts in the sales cycle and establish a pipeline.

Fresh MCA leads

With fresh MCA leads, lenders will get a list of actual merchants applying for funding within the past ten to thirty days. These leads are very specific in laying out the current and potential merchants looking for funding. Fresh leads have the most recent data on loan details, contact information, and business names used during the screening process. These leads are also real-time, meaning lenders can quickly strategize on how to approach merchants looking for business loans.

MCA Web leads

Lenders get web leads from merchants filling out online forms and asking lenders to contact them for funding options that they can avail themselves. Like other MCA leads, web leads are screened based on time in business, revenue, loan purpose, and requested amount. MasterMCA’s web leads use an exclusive transmission strategy from over sixty networks of financial portals. The leads also offer flexibility which allows customization on forms, data integration, API, and submission criteria into their marketing channel.

MCA live transfer leads

Unlike others, live transfer leads are sent one at a time. The process starts with MCA lead generators screening for merchants who are ready to do business immediately. They screen these merchants based on specific criteria. Once merchants qualify and provide consent, they will quickly be directed to lenders for the application and funding process. These are also real-time leads where MCA applications can be approved instantly.

The process of MCA lead generation

Leads just do not come out from any machine. They are strategically created using various techniques and processes. Here are three Cs to remember on lead generation processing.


Creating leads will always start collecting the necessary information from merchants. As a result, MCA lead providers can effectively provide leads for lenders. Additionally, companies must constantly update the data to be recent and valid. The reason why MCA leads need updating is to validate background research and cross-check merchant profiles. They also need to remove outdated data for the documents so the draft can be more valuable and factual.


Creating an excellent approach to communicating with target clients is essential for MCA lead providers. The approach has to be confident, persuasive, and well-mannered. Providers need to ask the right questions to develop detailed data and address concerns. Questions can revolve around the prospects’ interests, timetable, and communication channel.


Leads need to generate money – for MCA leads providers, lenders, and merchants. The process does not end in just reaching out to potential merchants; lenders usually conduct follow-ups on merchants until they can convince them to purchase their cash advances. It is also vital to let them know that you are there to help with whatever financial needs they have for their business.

Benefits of MCA leads from lead generator specialists

You can indeed create your own leads to introduce your business. However, it can be beneficial to partner with lead generator experts as they know how to go around the industry to produce quality leads for your business. Here are a few advantages of having an MCA lead generator expert.

Updated database

As previously mentioned, most MCA lead providers constantly update their database and other files. This ensures that they maintain fresh leads for those lenders and merchants who need immediate funding.

Gets access to the appropriate prospects

In most cases, lead providers have an exclusive database of leads refined with comprehensive information and other data. The information includes the merchant’s interest in getting cash advances for their business.

Cost-effective and time-efficient

Instead of investing time and effort to create your own leads, you can let lead generators do the work for you. Additionally, you do not have to worry about inadequate or incompetent leads as they only ensure potential leads for your business. All you need to do is focus on your business.

Provide follow-ups

Lead generators like MasterMCA will not leave their clients after providing leads. Instead, they do follow-up services for possible inconvenience or future needs. In most cases, lead providers will do a follow-through from the lead’s approach until the successful conversion and beyond.

Understand the business’s approach

Lead generators understand a lender’s approach by learning about the requirements and the necessary information for the business. As these specialists comprehend what the lenders want, they channel clear communication between them and their clients (lenders).

Comprehensive contact details

Suppose you are an MCA provider; expect to receive more than just potential merchants’ names and phone numbers. MCA lead generator provides merchants’ detailed contact, making it more reliable and credible. The contact details generally contain the merchant’s name, address, phone number, business id, and email address.

Qualified and fresh leads are always available

You can be assured of fresh leads from lead generator specialists who constantly update their database and ensure that they are well-maintained. This is one of the reasons why their leads are qualified and 100% exclusive.

Industries using MCA

As an MCA lender, you would always want to focus on a market where you can maximize your business. Before hiring MCA lead companies, it might be beneficial to look at some industries where cash advances are likely to be popular. Here are some of them.


It’s not always jam-packed inside restaurants. Some slower days and hours can generally affect sales. Furthermore, restaurants have significant ups and downs in their cash flows. With these inconsistencies, restaurant owners can opt to get a merchant cash advance. Since payments for MCAs only involve a percentage of the credit card sales of a restaurant, owners can quickly pay them off.


Merchant cash advances provide retail businesses to refill their inventory and earn more sales in the process. Even on slower days, on-hand funds from MCA help keep stores afloat.


Salon customers usually pay for services using credit cards. With this, owners can maximize getting an MCA for additional funding. The funds can be helpful to hire more technicians, purchase marketing materials, or upgrade equipment.

Auto repair

Like other kinds of business, some customers of auto repair shops use credit cards to pay for services. With this, auto repair businesses can remit a portion of the credit card sales until they pay off the amount. Owners can use the funds for expansion, equipment purchases, or marketing campaigns.

Hotel and lodging

You can include the businesses in the hospitality when it comes to having seasonal sales. It’s not always that hotels can fill the rooms year-round. With this, the off-season can be a perfect time to do renovations and improve the accommodation. However, cash may not always be available to fund necessary changes because of fluctuating sales. Here lies a reasonable possibility of getting an MCA funding.


The agriculture industry also faces unexpected circumstances such as bad weather, livestock deaths, and insect infestations. Besides these, climate change and natural disasters can also bring harm to agribusiness. As a result, businesses in this industry need significant cash to cover possible damages. Since MCAs are flexible, owners can decide how they want to use the cash advance.

Real estate

The real estate industry is also another significant market for MCAs. Businesses in this industry use the funding for renovations, repairs, construction of infrastructure, and business expansion. Additionally, companies can choose to get an MCA to avoid possible losses on earnings and fund various purchases.


Why is merchant cash advance popular funding for small businesses?

Merchant cash advances implement a straightforward borrowing process. Once borrowers qualify for the advance, lenders can disburse the money instantly. A percentage of the credit card sales will serve as payment for the advance until borrowers pay it off. Besides getting immediate funding, new and small businesses can use MCAs, even those with a not-so-excellent credit rating.

How much do MCA leads cost?

Prices for MCA leads depend on the provider, the kind of MCA lead you will purchase, and other customization options you want for the leads. Additionally, various aspects could affect the cost of your purchase, so you might like to discuss it further with your MCA lead provider.

What makes MasterMCA one of the best options for MCA leads?

MasterMCA provides MCA leads with qualified prospects using the leading data sources and an extensive lead generation engine to bring merchant data into the marketing channel and company workflow. Furthermore, MasterMCA ensures easier control of competition and sales operations.

Why are MCA leads popular?

The MCA industry continues to expand. The sprouting of small businesses continues to grow, which will result in more firms seeking funding. With this, MCA lenders also increase in number to cater to the demand of small businesses. With everything growing in this industry, leads will be essential for lenders to immediately finance credible and qualified merchants. Additionally, with easy payment terms, it is just a matter of time before MCA leads will be the leading solution to boost sales for lenders.

How to know if an MCA lead provider is credible?

Merchants can look at the lead’s conversion rate to assess whether the provider can be trusted. Before buying exclusive leads from an MCA lead provider, ensure that they constantly update their data, provide fresh leads with complete information, remove unqualified leads, and offer excellent customer service. Additionally, a reliable provider must also cater to a lender’s additional request and other lead customizations.