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Boost your revenue with exclusive MCA Leads & prospect data. Build sales pipelines with our API integration for instant results. Stop prospecting and start closing deals!

“We are very happy with the continuous flow of qualified merchant cash advance leads. Our team has confidence in the process, the transition has been made seamless and the sales have been amazing.
—  Michael Dixon, CEO, NIA Network Services

Everyone relies on exclusive MCA leads to fuel sales for their team. MCA Master has made it easy to secure qualified prospects to allow your team do what they do best -- sell deals! Our growth-enablement technology allows for exponential growth at a fraction of the price!

MCA Master integrates with your sales process and the CRM, so that you can spend less time on prospecting and more time on closing deals. Instant data transfer and transparent reporting ensures that your business stays on track and that your return on investment is where it should be.

Our account-specific campaign configuration means that we’ll drop sales funnel specific prospects as soon as have shown interest in working capital for their business. We help you achieve better conversion rates and drive your sales.

Schedule a consultation or check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for the most common inquiries involving merchant cash advance leads.


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Schedule a Consultation:

Get Top Quality Real-Time Fully Verified Merchant Cash Advance Leads from Master MCA

Thousands of businesses today rely heavily on merchant cash advances to help finance urgent or unexpected business expenses. As an MCA lender, your objective is to locate as many of these businesses as you can and provide them funds faster and at lower rates than your competitors. 

Here at Master MCA, we ensure that you will be able to accomplish that.

Efficient Lead Generation

We have finely tuned and highly dependable lead generation services that can efficiently track down leads of business owners that are in need of immediate funding. We’re not talking about any business that will benefit from some extra funding, because that just about covers all businesses. Instead, we are referring to those businesses that are specifically and actively looking for funds for an urgent need. 

Master MCA offers multiple MCA lead options including Web Leads and Appointments and Live Transfer Calls.

We are living in a highly digital world where so much can happen in just a blink of an eye. The world has evolved so much especially in the areas of commerce and finance, causing everything to happen quickly. Using the traditional methods of doing business, lending companies like you simply won’t be able to keep up! That’s why  we are here to provide you with high quality real-time merchant cash advance leads that will keep your business running. 

Our leads are generated from a combination of online and offline campaigns, ensuring very comprehensive coverage. Some lenders work from scratch, building historical data and spending ridiculously large amounts of time and money on finding MCA leads that are not even guaranteed to pan out. But with the use of our lead generation service, you can simply sit back and relax while we find the leads and hand them right over to you!

Of course, we can’t guarantee that each lead will actually become a client but rest assured that our quality control guarantee is firmly in place. We never give our clients unqualified leads. In other words, we are certain that all the MCA leads that we provide are indeed business owners who need cash, and who need it urgently. 

Rigorous Lead Qualification Procedure

To ensure that the leads we give you are of superior quality, they go through a strict qualification process performed by highly trained members of the Master MCA lead qualification team. We personally interview each of our leads by phone to make sure that they are qualified in terms of basic requirements, the purpose of funding, and expectations.

Basic Requirements

MCAs do not have very stringent requirements as compared to other funding options but we do still have a few criteria that merchants have to pass in order to qualify as a valid lead. First of all, they should have been in business for at least 1 year and they must have at least $10,000 of revenue per month. The business must have a Fico credit score of at least 500 and must not have a pending bankruptcy. Finally, they should maintain a business bank account and have positive balances for each day and each month. 


We ask a few questions to the merchant cash advance leads to determine the purpose for which they need the funding. If the intent has to do with business, they will be considered valid and will be included in the MCA leads that we can pass to our clients.


Our team of lead qualifiers will clarify the expectations of each prospective lead. This is done by having them fill out an online form and getting a copy of their bank statements for the past four months. 

What Kinds of MCA Leads Can You Expect from Master MCA?

The simple answer to this is that Master MCA provides the absolute best merchant cash advance leads that you can possibly get anywhere. Like we said, we can’t guarantee that all the leads will pan out but each of them is verified and you just have to put your own marketing tactics to use in order to convert these leads into clients. 

Businesses seek access to additional funding for various reasons and Master MCA considers all these reasons in generating leads for MCA companies like you. Hence, the following are the types of MCA leads that you can expect to get when you place an order with us.

Working Capital Leads

Business owners sometimes find themselves in a tight spot when it comes to funding. There might be an urgent need for funds that they simply don’t have on hand. Perhaps an important piece of equipment or machinery that is essential to daily business operations suddenly breaks down and needs to be replaced. Going through all the red tape of securing a regular loan is not an option because this will cost a few days’ worth of revenue! So who do they turn to? A merchant cash advance lender who will provide them the working capital they need, and that of course, is you. 

Master MCA delivers verified working capital leads round the clock and in real time. Every single working capital lead that we send you is a potential client in dire need of urgent funding. As soon as you get our leads, you can respond to the client and assist them before the competition comes around. 

SBA Loan Leads

Regular loan application procedures can take a lot of time and have a lot of requirements. But owners of small businesses have the alternative of applying for small business association or SBA loans. These are more attractive to business owners because they have lower interest rates and more flexible repayment schedules than many other business loans. Also, business owners that are applying for SBA loans generally have a credit score of 640 or higher. 

With our SBA loan leads, you can access business owners who qualify for SBA loans and provide them the funding they need at better rates. Recently, though, there have been a few changes to the approval process for SBA loans. The Small Business Association has implemented stricter requirements that make some business owners ineligible for an SBA loan. That is where you can step in. Our SBA loan leads include business owners who might not be qualified for SBA loans under the new guidelines. If you have alternative financing options that you can offer, this would be the perfect opportunity for the business owner to gain funding and for you to gain a new client.

Aged MCA Leads

Because of the stringent requirements that make them unqualified for getting a traditional business loan, many business owners end up being hesitant to try for a merchant cash advance. Some of them make MCA inquiries but never go through with the application. 

Master MCA maintains multiple landing pages across the Internet where businesses can request for information about merchant cash advances. Those entities that did not follow through with an actual MCA application at least 90 days following the submission of the form are still considered to be potential clients for MCA.

We can link you up with these undecided business owners through our aged MCA leads. They might have lost hope or might have any number of reasons for hesitating to apply for financial assistance. Whatever it is, it is very likely that if you get in touch with them and make an offer, you just might be able to provide them renewed determination to take an MCA and push through with their business aspirations. 

Business Loan Leads

Business owners are always in need of cash for various operations and during those times that they simply don’t have it on hand, you can come to the rescue. Master MCA will provide you with business loan leads that include a high quality list of merchants who are actively seeking additional funding. 

Some of these businesses may already have submitted an application for a loan and have been approved. But just because they have already been funded does not necessarily mean they don’t need further cash. The fact that they applied for a loan indicates their need for cash and whether they have been already funded or not, there’s a great chance that they will take you up on your offer to provide them with a cash advance.

Our business loan leads also include those business owners that have applied for a business loan and have been declined for various reasons. Perhaps they do not have a sufficient credit rating, or perhaps they lack some of the required documents. There is a high likelihood that these business owners would be good for a merchant cash advance and so we make sure to include them in the MCA leads that we provide. 

Invoice Factoring Leads

Although many of the business owners that apply for business loans do so in order to cover large, unexpected and sudden expenses, there are also those who find themselves short on cash because of slow payments from customers, vendors, contractors and business partners. Perhaps they just really need to pay their company bills or make payroll or some other regular, routine expense. But if there are so many unpaid invoices that have piled up, this causes problems in their cash flow. 

Such concerns are most common in the industries of transportation, logistics, construction and electrical services. Businesses in these industries find themselves in such a situation frequently and so are in constant need of invoice factoring solutions that you can provide. The merchant cash advance leads that we provide here at Master MCA includes a good volume of invoice factoring leads that you can tap and turn into satisfied clients.

Live Transfer Leads

The live transfer leads that Master MCA generates are guaranteed to keep you ahead of the competition. These are unique and exclusive leads that come from our sizable database of business owners who are actively seeking funds for their various business ventures. 

We have a highly efficient screening process that we use to check these merchants before we patch them over to your phone lines as soon as they have been validated. Hence, you can be sure that all live transfer leads that we send over to you have been carefully verified and have passed specific criteria. To be specific, our MCA live transfer leads are guaranteed to be the decision makers in the company. We also make sure that the company has been operating for at least 1 year and has the required minimum balance in a business checking account. All our live transfer leads are TCPA and DNC complaints. 

One of the wonderful things about Master MCA live transfer leads is that you only get charged for those live transfers that meet your criteria. We are very diligent in choosing the live transfers to send our clients but should any leads come through that do not match your qualifications, you will not have to pay for them and we will send a replacement lead. 

Aged Live Transfer Leads

There are instances where business owners have already been contacted through a live transfer sometime in the past but for some reason, they did not apply for a cash advance at that time. These leads are worth following up on if you believe you can entice them to take on the cash advance this time around. 

The aged live transfer leads from Master MCA include all the pertinent information of a prospective client, like the name of the owner, the name of the business, their contact details, as well as the revenue, the requested amount of funds and the purpose of the money. 

Call Back Leads

For a lot of MCA broker companies, call back leads offer a better alternative to live transfer leads. Instead of immediately patching your line to verify live transfer leads, we screen the MCA leads and schedule a call back so that you can get in touch with the prospective client at your preferred time. For this reason, call back leads are sometimes also called appointment setting leads. 

Like live transfers, call back leads come with a recording service so that you can efficiently track all communication. Master MCA maintains an efficient and fully automated system for managing contact optimization for our call back leads. This includes ensuring efficiency and security during the call. 

Some of the reasons why many MCA lenders like call back leads are because it keeps you from having to put the client on hold, it improves the productivity of the agent, and it can make the most out of multi-channel communication methods.

Digital Response Leads

Many businesses are now very active on social media or are actively involved in content marketing. Hence, digital response leads are a great way to reach many prospective clients. The digital response leads provided by Master MCA are all exclusive, verified and fresh. As with our live transfer leads, these MCA leads are also of high quality and are perfectly valid. If you receive leads that are not suitable for you in any way, we will quickly send a replacement at no extra cost. 

How Does Master MCA’s Lead Generation Provide the Best MCA Leads?

We fully understand that MCA brokers have different sales approaches and thus target different types of business owners. That is why we have polished our lead generation system to ensure that we can collect the most diverse kinds of leads for our clients. 

The methods that we use for lead generation are plentiful and based on a broad range of methodologies. We use social media, SMS and email campaigns, pay per click online advertising, video content, and a variety of outbound telecommunication methods. The eclectic strategies we use help us exhaust all channels and gather as many leads as possible. 

Master MCA also guarantees that you receive the most recent leads because our lead generation is real-time. Our collected leads also go through a thorough inspection process so that you can be sure that the leads you receive are all valid.

We have been in the business of generating MCA leads for years now and we understand how frustrating it can be to end up with poor quality leads that are essentially useless and a waste of money. We do not want you to deal with that kind of frustration. Hence we work hard to make sure that the leads we provide will actually help boost your business.

Master MCA’s Post-Delivery Services

After we have delivered the MCA leads that you ordered, it makes sense to assume that our transaction is over. But that is not how Master MCA works. Even after your merchant cash advance leads have been finalized and delivered, we will still provide assistance to you in several ways. 

We have marketing consultants and data experts who can help you make the most out of the MCA leads that you have just purchased. Whether it is your first time to work with MCA leads or you are a more seasoned broker who has encountered problems with the leads, our team is on standby to give you all the assistance you require. We also offer a rich collection of online resources and open source tools to help you maximize the benefits that you can get from your MCA leads.

Many other MCA lead generation companies simply collect leads and distribute them to their clients without a second glance. Here at Master MCA, we exert extra effort in regularly checking our leads to ensure that they are valid and active. Your success is our success. If we can help you drive more sales by going the extra mile, then we will happily do it. 

Why Choose Master MCA?

If the services we have mentioned are still not enough to convince you to choose Master MCA for your merchant cash advance leads, then the following reasons will. 

Top Quality Leads for More than 10 Years

For more than a decade, Master MCA has been providing top quality MCA leads to hundreds of satisfied brokers and lending companies. 

Real-Time Verified Leads

Our efficient lead generation system ensures that you will get the freshest leads possible because we generate them in real time. 

Potential for Zero Wastage of Data

Our stringent verification process ensures that all the leads we generate are valid, active and highly convertible to sales. 

Post-Purchase Support

We will not leave you hanging when you encounter problems after we deliver your leads. Our support team will continue providing service and assistance, while also continuing to regularly check the leads for validity.

Quick Download

There is practically no waiting time when you purchase leads from Master MCA. As soon as you choose the leads you want and confirm the payment, you can immediately download your new leads to CSV or Excel and put them to use right away. 

Data Deduplication

If you make another lead purchase from us in the future, you don’t need to worry about getting the same items as you have previously received. We have a dependable deduplication system to keep this from happening. 

To date, Master MCA has generated more than [INSERT NUMBER] records for over [INSERT NUMBER] highly satisfied clients from all over the world. 

A Quick Guide for Making the Most of Your MCA Leads

As a lead generation company, the only actual responsibility of Master MCA is to provide you with the best leads that we can deliver so that you can get more clients and drive sales. But as we had already mentioned, that’s not how we roll here at Master MCA. We don’t just want you to buy our leads but also want you to succeed in your lending business.

The merchant cash advance business is very profitable at the moment, with businesses everywhere looking for ways to gain access to quick and easy funding. But despite this, MCA brokers still have their work cut out in terms of locating a suitable prospect and convincing them to actually make a cash advance. 

By purchasing our MCA leads, you have already taken a very important first step towards driving revenue. The next vital step is to create and implement an effective marketing campaign so that you can make a sale. 

Highlighting the Benefits of an MCA

That being said, here are some of the best features of an MCA that you can highlight to your prospective clients when you make an offer. Focusing your MCA campaign on these points will considerably strengthen your strategy and increase your chances of making a sale and getting more customers.

Quick and Easy Application and Approval Process

For business owners looking for quick and hassle-free funding, merchant cash advances provide a great alternative to traditional business loans. MCAs do not ask for your credit score, require minimal paperwork, and take only a couple of days for approval and fund transfer. 

Does Not Affect Your Credit Rating

One of the worries of business owners applying for traditional loans is that it might damage their credit score. When making a presentation to your prospects, you can assure them that MCAs do not reflect on the credit report at all, no matter how many times they apply for one. 

No Restrictions on Spending

Most business loans availed from banks or traditional lenders will only be approved if you can provide a detailed description of how you plan on spending the money for your business. Even then, if the lender does not approve of the purpose of your loan, you might very well get rejected. With a merchant cash advance, the MCA lender does not really care how you spend the money as long as you pay it back within the given repayment schedule. 

No Collateral Required

When applying for traditional loans, you need to put up your assets as collateral. If you default on the loan, you stand to lose your precious properties. There is no such risk involved when you apply for an MCA. 

Better than Other Funding Options

When you approach your merchant cash advance leads and deliver your sales pitch, you definitely have to go into some detail about the procedures of an MCA and how it all works. But make sure to emphasize the merits of a merchant cash advance, especially in comparison to other forms of business funding options so that you will have much better chances of making a sale. 

Responding to New MCA Leads

When you receive your merchant cash leads from us, one way that you can reach out to them is through email. However, try not to make the mistake that many sales representatives do, which is making a hard sell. 

Instead of directly telling your MCA leads to take out a cash advance, it is usually much more effective to take an informative approach. You can tell them about the advantages of merchant cash advances that we had enumerated in the previous section but do not explicitly tell them that they have to avail this option. Talk to them in a way that encourages them to make the decision to take a cash advance on their own, instead of making it sound like you are telling them what to do. This positive approach is more likely to result in a sale. 

FAQs about Merchant Cash Advance Leads 

What Are Merchant Cash Advance Leads?

Merchant cash advance leads, or MCA leads as they are also called, are simply business owners that are looking for funding options that they can get faster and with less hassle than traditional business loans from banks and other lending companies. 

What Are the Kinds of MCA Leads?

There are several varieties of merchant cash advance leads like business loan leads, SBA loan leads, working capital leads, aged MCA leads, and many more. Master MCA generates all these varieties and will provide you with the specific types of leads that you prefer. 

How Are MCA Leads Generated?

There are different marketing methods for generating MCA leads but we prefer utilizing a multi-prong omni-channel strategy as this generates the most comprehensive output. Our system involves the use of pay per click advertising, email campaigns, outbound telecommunication, banner initiatives, display network advertising, online ads, video content and SMS campaigns. 

Can I Generate My Own MCA Leads?

Any lender can generate their own MCA leads using organic methods such as SEO, email campaigns, Google Adwords, and so on. However, organic leads are few and far between and can take a lot of effort for a company to generate. Ultimately, it can also become costly in the long run without showing much return on investment. 

Because of this, most lenders opt to purchase leads from lead generation companies like Master MCA because it is faster, easier and more cost effective to use for marketing campaigns. Also, you can specify your requirements when you purchase MCA leads so you will be sure to get the prospects that match your sales focus. 

How Much Does It Cost to Purchase MCA Leads?

Since there are many different kinds of merchant cash advance leads and also many different methods used for generating them, the prices can vary widely. Furthermore, you also need to factor in the volume of the leads that you require. At Master MCA, the cost of our leads can be anywhere from 40 cents for each lead to over $60 for a batch of real-time fully verified business leads. 

Does Master MCA Provide Customized MCA Leads?

Absolutely! No two MCA lenders have exactly the same requirements when it comes to business leads. To make sure that we understand what you need, we ask our clients to fill out a form that will let us know your sales focus, your company size and other valuable information to help us create the most suitable MCA leads for you. Our team will then get in touch with you to discuss your requirements and targets further. Once we have a firm understanding of your exact needs, we can then proceed in generating your fully customized MCA leads. 

MCA Leads

MCA Master integrates with your sales process and the CRM, so that you can spend less time on prospecting and more time on closing deals. Instant data transfer and transparent reporting ensures that your business stays on track and that your return on investment is where it should be.

Our account-specific campaign configuration means that we’ll drop sales funnel specific prospects as soon as have shown interest in working capital for their business. We help you achieve better conversion rates and drive your sales.

Schedule a consultation or check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for the most common inquiries involving merchant cash advance leads.

We target businesses that show $350,000 or more in annual sales revenues with 6 or more months in business. All targeted Merchant Cash Advance Leads contain businesses that were qualified to receive working capital in the past and/or have shown interest in financing their business.

We target businesses that show $350,000 or more in annual sales revenues with 6 or more months in business. All targeted Merchant Cash Advance Leads contain businesses that were qualified to receive working capital in the past and/or have shown interest in financing their business. Our platform collects real time merchant data, funneling verified prospects seeming merchant financing directly to your sales floor.

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Master MCA has a simple, hands on approach. We told them what we needed in terms of target audience and data sets and they did the rest. And the leads had came to our door.

- Cortney Mitchell, CEO & Founder

This company has completely altered our perceptions of lead acquisition and the lead funnel. This is our third year in business and we could not have been where we are today if it wasn’t for Master MCA and their help with integrations. Thanks Team!

- Ron Sears, COO

When it came to acquiring new leads, we have suffered much trouble. We relied on our call center, renewals, word of mouth, but it wasn’t enough. It was very inconsistent and frustrating with the old system. Master MCA helped funnel fresh leads directly and marketing platform. We are happy with the streamlined process and improved conversions.

- Katie Mastov, Director of Sales

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