Leads are businesses or individuals who might have an interest in the product or service that a company is offering. If you are in the MCA lending business, then your leads are those entities that might be seeking extra funding for their enterprise, which you can fulfill through your MCA products. In other words, these are your potential borrowers who can ultimately help you grow your business.

There are many different kinds of leads in the industry of merchant cash advance lending. Among the most sought after types today are the MCA UCC leads and you can easily purchase these leads from the top MCA lead providers today.

Understanding MCA UCC Leads

Before you go out in search of the best MCA UCC leads out there, it is important that you first understand what these leads are and how they work. To begin, a UCC lead is a business that has previously successfully applied for an MCA or some other kind of business loan. Each lead in a list will actually contain complete details of the potential borrower, including the full name and contact details of the company.

So how do lead generation companies find them? It’s easy. Whenever a lender hands over money to a borrower, they file a UCC on the borrower because they need to verify data such as credit rating and bank details. Thus, if a business has already availed a loan, they will show up on the list and are therefore considered to be UCC leads.

In addition, MCA UCC leads also include businesses who have tried to avail loans or other funding solutions from banks and traditional lenders but failed to qualify for the reason that they have poor credit ratings.

In any case, acquiring a solid list of UCC leads is a great way to jumpstart your marketing campaign for your merchant cash advance business. These leads are also useful for taking you out of a slump if you have saturated all your prospects or find yourself with an empty lead funnel.

What Are the Benefits of UCC Leads for Your Lending Business?

As an MCA provider, you are always on the lookout for potential borrowers. As mentioned, there are many kinds of leads that you can go for, but why are so many providers so keen on getting UCC leads? Here are some of the reasons.

Low Cost

Compared with many other marketing strategies for attracting clients, purchasing MCA UCC leads is one of the more affordable methods. These leads are a very small fraction of the cost of paying for online advertisements, for instance, on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google.

Easy Sell

Since the lead has already taken out a loan or some kind of business funding in the past, it shows that they are a relatively easy marketing target. Not only do they have a history of seeking funding but they are also more likely to avail a loan compared to the more reluctant first timers.

Product Familiarity

Having already taken out a business loan in the past, it is very likely that they are already familiar with the exact kind of funding solutions that you are offering. This will help you avoid the typical shock that new borrowers experience when they learn more about MCA and find out about the details regarding the product.

Credible Source

Compared to most of the other leads that you can get in the merchant cash advance business, MCA UCC leads are much more valuable because they come from credible sources, specifically the UCC records. Also, historical data shows that UCC leads have shown the highest conversion rates compared to the other kinds of MCA leads today.

What Are the Potential Issues with UCC Leads?

Despite the high popularity of UCC leads these days, nothing is ever perfect in this world. In other words, there are some problems that you can face with regards to these leads.

Stiff Competition

UCC leads are very attractive to lenders and brokers, and this is the exact reason why they are being sold by providers repeatedly and unfortunately, without exclusivity. Since they always show up in lead lists, you can only imagine the number of calls they get from hopeful lenders. This might not bode very well if you are the fourth or fifth broker to call them in a day.

Active Loans

Another usual problem with UCC leads is that there’s a good chance that they still have an active loan. This might be the precise reason they have been included in the list in the first place. As such, perhaps they are not necessarily looking to take out another loan. In case they do take you up on your offer, it might just be for a smaller amount, which could only yield you a small commission.

No Guarantee

As with any other kind of business leads, MCA UCC leads are not guaranteed to become paying customers in the end. There are many more factors that will go into play before a lead actually becomes a client. But here at MasterMCA, we guarantee that the leads we provide to you are top quality, exclusive and fresh. If you implement your trusted marketing strategies as soon as we deliver the leads to you, there will be a very good chance that you can convert them into revenue for your business.

Where Can You Buy MCA UCC Leads?

Because of the continuously rising popularity of MCAs or merchant cash advances, there has also been an influx of MCA lead providers in the last few years. These providers or lead generation companies are the ones that can give you the MCA UCC leads that you need. However, not all of these providers are equally reliable. Some of them might give you very poor quality leads that are very worn down and might even be outdated or disconnected.

If you do decide to purchase MCA UCC leads to bolster the marketing campaign for your lending business, make sure that you do so from a qualified and highly reputable MCA lead provider.

What Are the Qualities to Consider When Buying UCC Leads?

You can’t really pick the exact leads that you will get but you can examine the criteria that a lead generation company uses in creating their lists. The higher the standards that the provider uses in generating their UCC leads, the better it will be for you.


For starters, the leads that the provider gives you must contain accurate information. Getting a whole bunch of leads with incorrect phone numbers or misspelled email addresses is just a waste of your time and money. To ensure the accuracy of the leads that you are going to purchase, make sure that the provider updates their lists regularly. This is the easiest way to get rid of disconnected phone numbers, closed businesses, and so on.


Technically speaking, you can try generating your own leads but this is a process that will take a very long time. On the other hand, if you avail the services of a lead provider, there will be no time wasted at all. Hence, speed is one of the reasons brokers choose to buy from lead generation companies. Thus, when looking for a provider who can give you the UCC leads that you want, you should choose the one that can give you the leads with the fastest turnaround and with no delays at all.


You don’t want to pay a huge amount of money on leads that will not eventually turn into profits. But even with the best quality leads, there is rarely a 100% guarantee of conversion. It is therefore only practical to buy leads that are reasonably priced. Do not be fooled by providers charging a premium cost for leads that are “guaranteed” to convert because there is no such thing. You will still have to exert some sales and marketing efforts in order to gain customers.

Free Trial

It’s hard to tell upfront if a particular lead generation company would be the perfect fit for your enterprise. This is why it is highly recommended for those that offer a free trial. Even a few days where you can get a supply of free leads would be enough to help you gauge the efficiency of the provider. Only when you are satisfied with the quality of the leads and the service of the company should you sign up with them.

What Should You Do with the UCC Leads that You Have Purchased?

As you already know, acquiring business leads is just the first step towards building a successful sales and marketing campaign. You do need to take a few more steps before these leads become your clients.

One of the good things about MCA UCC leads is that they are already aware of the ins and outs of financing. Having already availed loans before, you can skip the introductory portion where you orient them with how merchant cash advances work and such. Instead, you can get right down to business, which would save you a considerable amount of time.

The core of your conversion efforts would focus on a tried and tested merchant cash advance marketing campaign. This involves rallying your sales team and assigning each of them a set of leads that they can strategically approach in order to offer your funding solutions.

You already know that leads are not always ready to make a purchase. But with patience and perseverance, you can definitely make a conversion, especially with UCC leads that are already in familiar territory when it comes to alternative funding.

Why Should You Purchase Your Leads from MasterMCA?

MasterMCA is one of the most reputable providers of MCA leads in the country today. Every lead that comes out from our database and is sent to our clients is meticulously checked for accuracy and uniqueness. We don’t just provide leads, we provide leads that have a very high chance of a conversion.

Over the years, we have mastered our lead generation algorithms to continually increase the quality of our data sets. We also offer a wide range of MCA leads for your lending business. Whether you need live transfer leads, aged MCA leads, invoice factoring loan leads, equipment financing loan leads, or just about any other kind of business leads, we are sure to have the right products to suit your needs.

Furthermore, the MasterMCA team is made up of marketing professionals who will not only provide you with the leads you need but will also take extra steps in helping you convert these leads into profits.

If you are interested in our products and services, all you need to do is give us a call. We will be happy to give you a free consultation so we can discuss how our lead service can help you expand your lending business.

FAQs about MCA UCC Leads

What does UCC mean?

UCC is short for Uniform Commercial Code. It pertains to a set of legal regulations for all commercial transactions in the United States, which includes the sale of goods, negotiable instruments and secured transactions.

What is a UCC lead?

UCC leads are basically businesses that have taken out a merchant cash advance or business loan sometime in the past. For a lending company, a UCC lead is a potential client as they already have a record of previously seeking extra funding.

Are UCC leads effective?

Data shows that UCC leads have the highest conversion rates among all kinds of leads generated for the merchant cash advance business, which is proof of their effectiveness.

What are the pros of getting UCC leads?

UCC leads are much more affordable than many other kinds of marketing campaigns. Selling your product to UCC leads is easier because these businesses are already familiar with the product and are fully aware of the requirements.

What is the data included in a UCC lead?

In addition to the name and contact details of the business or potential borrower, a UCC lead also includes the secured party’s name and address, a filing number, and so on.

How fast are UCC leads generated?

When you purchase UCC leads, you will usually get them on the same day that you had placed your order if you work with a reputable lead provider.