MCA Aged Leads

MCA Aged leads are actually one of the main business loan lead categories in the MCA industry. In simple terms, a lead is a potential merchant needing immediate cash for businesses. Moreover, they usually cannot reach the bank because of their low credit rating. In most cases, lead generation strategies work in three ways, and one of them is aged leads.

In the past years, the MCA industry has skyrocketed in terms of popularity. This was after thousands of lenders and providers competed for business from a similar pool of customers. Since this type of funding has become essential for new and small businesses, the demand for owners to understand how MCA works has also increased. On the flip side, not all merchants understand how to finance their business to reach their potential. Some even give up and get frustrated. In these situations, MCA aged leads will surely be of help. Firstly, providers can offer leads to lenders, which can eventually help small businesses seek immediate funding.

How do MCA Aged leads work?

MCA Aged leads are filtered merchants and verified leads who have not been reached out yet after a conversion period. These clients are usually regular, and they respond to proposals and calls. Aged leads are the previous call back and live transfer leads. The difference among them is that aged leads are not necessarily exclusive. It’s one of the reasons why MCA aged leads costs are lower.

Some of the primary MCA aged leads characteristics:

  • Relatively older than business loan leads
  • All leads passed the quality control
  • Ideal aged lead is between 30 and 90 days old
  • Usually sold in bulk
  • Cheaper than call back and live transfer leads
  • Leads are TCPA and DNC complaint
  • They are not generally exclusive leads
  • The leads might have been previously sold

In general, aged leads are those lenders find online which are relatively one to three months old. In context, they are leads that are older than real-time ones. In some cases, these leads can be as old as six months. Additionally, MCA aged leads refer to those generated in the past and continue to sell, despite being purchased by another agent or agency.

Aged leads vs. real-time leads

In reality, there is no significant difference between aged and real-time leads. However, it pays to understand that there is a slight difference between the two. Aged leads refer to those that did not convert or materialize for other agents. The potential shopper has lost interest in the service they initially inquired about. It could also be that these leads might have had a bad experience with another agent. Regardless of the reason, MCA aged leads continue to be available for other agents.

As their names suggest, aged leads refer to those that were generated, used, and probably are weeks to several months old. Meanwhile, real-time are those leads that are minutes to hours old. Real-time leads contain potential merchants who recently submitted their information and are waiting to be contacted by an MCA lender. On the other hand, when you use aged leads to contact and follow up with potential merchants of their initial inquiry, some time has already passed. It might be several weeks or a few months.

Five things you can do to maximize MCA aged leads

Several weeks or months have passed since MCA aged leads were generated. You might think these types of leads to be inefficient and not helpful anymore. They are similar to other types of leads. It’s just that they were used but, interestingly, were not purchased. However, despite this, you can use your aged leads and still convert them into sales. Here’s how:

Keep in touch

When these leads did not materialize at first, it was not the time to give up yet. These leads may age, but you can still nurture and stay in touch. Additionally, you can include them on your email list and send them emails now and then. It could be monthly or a few times a year. However, you need not overdo it. You have to remind them about new funding options and other services that best serve their business.


Supposed emailing will not suffice; you can choose to pick up the phone and talk to them occasionally.

Include them in your calendar

A merchant might not need any funding now. However, their financial situation might need financing in the next couple of weeks. With this, you can calendar possible times where you perhaps schedule a call to those aged leads and let them know of your funding services.

Have patience

Similar to other leads, merchants might not be ready to agree to your offer immediately. The goal here is to let small businesses know of your services and funding options and the idea that you will be there to assist them in their best interest. Too much aggressiveness will somehow result in leads staying away from you.

Stay organized

Staying organized means keeping a high-quality connection between you and your leads. You can do follow-up calls or emails. Furthermore, take note of where you left off with the merchant prospect. This way, you will not have to go over from the beginning when you contact them again. Also, you will have an idea of which funding option they are most certainly interested in. Consequently, you can provide specific solutions for their financing needs. Overall, being organized also means offering excellent customer service.

Pre-qualification for MCA Aged leads

Indeed, MCA aged leads have been previously used but were not purchased. However, this does not mean they did not undergo a screening process. These leads, similar to others, went through almost the same pre-qualification process.


Considering how vast the MCA industry is, the first step in ensuring high-quality MCA aged leads must be getting the necessary data and essential criteria to be met so the leads can be excellent.


MCA aged lead providers use various tools and strategies to provide practical and quality leads in this stage. Some utilize specialists and experts to produce leads. Regardless of any leads, you need to select a constantly updating provider’s database.

Reasons to invest in MCA Aged leads

So why would lenders opt for MCA aged leads even if providers generated them some weeks or months ago? See the essential points below.

It has the most affordable possible price

Unlike exclusive leads like appointment-setting or live transfers, MCA aged leads are relatively cheaper. Generally, the price starts from $1 per lead and lowers as the lead age extends. Furthermore, providers sell leads aged around thirty days for $1. Also, remember that these leads cost lower since providers can sell them more than once to various buyers.

Greater Return of Investment (ROI)

Exclusive leads can cost about $40 or more. Meanwhile, lenders can get forty to fifty aged leads at a similar price. These aged leads were exclusive leads or those interested in MCA once. You might even chance upon aged leads that still show interest in getting an advance. Consequently, successfully converting lead at a minimum investment, which yields a better ROI, will always benefit lenders.

Less competition

When you opt for aged leads, the tendency is you might be the sole lender contacting that merchant at that time. Unlike live transfer leads, where telemarketers constantly contact merchants until they are willing to take the funds, MCA aged leads have lesser competition.

Opportunity for growth

In most cases, MCA aged leads used to be exclusive leads which could mean higher conversion. Providers generate them from merchant prospects looking for quick funding. More production from better leads does not necessarily have to be expensive. You can opt for aged leads, collect more, take your chances on every lead, and eventually grow your business.

It saves time and money

Instead of looking for exclusive leads, you can purchase MCA aged leads in bulk at a reasonable price. Front those leads, you can convert them into two to three clients. Consequently, your time, effort, and money will be more worthwhile.

Industries using MCA Aged leads

Merchant cash advances are flexible funding options where business owners can use the money how they would like. With this, MCAs can generally fund any business from any industry. Here are some industries where MCAs are common.


Whether it is for expansion or new equipment, auto repair shops would usually need extra cash when needed. With how commonly people use vehicles today, it is fitting that the number of businesses would increase in the industry. And as lenders, you might want to expand your market here and probably consider these auto repair businesses when getting MCA aged leads.


Restaurants, hotels, and other tourism-related businesses fall under the hospitality industry. It is no secret that companies here have their ups and downs in sales. This is because not all-year-round owners can fill in the seats and rooms. They need quick funding to cover expenses like payroll, rent, electricity, equipment purchases, or renovations during slower seasons.


Retail, insurance, and delivery businesses fall under the services industry. On slower days, on-hand funds from MCA help keep stores afloat. Merchant cash advances provide these businesses funds to refill their inventory, purchase vehicles or other equipment for delivery services and afford logistics for insurance companies.


Businesses involving agriculture also face uncontrollable and unexpected events such as bad weather, livestock deaths, and insect infestations. Additionally, natural disasters and climate change can bring damage to agribusiness. Farmers and other business owners surely would need to have extra instant cash to address the possible effects of natural disasters and environmental changes.

Real estate

The real estate industry is another significant market for MCA and MCA aged leads. Real estate businesses can use advances to renovate, repair, construct, and expand their market. Also, companies here can opt for and advance to fund purchases and prevent potential losses on earnings. Like the MCA industry, real estate is rapidly increasing; thus, investing some leads to fund new and small businesses here can be beneficial.


What is the close rate for MCA aged leads?

There is no specific, close rate for an MCA aged lead. Remember that these leads have been there for a while now. Some merchants may have their inquiries for as long as six months ago. The lead could have opted for an MCA lender within that timeline. In reality, aged leads can be riskier, but that does not necessarily mean they are not worth it. You may need to purchase in bulk to find merchants interested in your products.

Does buying MCA Aged leads ensure success for the business?

Regardless of their kind, leads will generate success only if you use them strategically. In the case of MCA aged leads, they are relatively older. Besides buying many leads, you need to be ready to work with a considerably larger number of merchants to find prospects. Working with only a handful of leads will not be practical and will not yield the best results for your business.

Why is hiring an MCA aged lead generator necessary?

As the name suggests, aged leads are about several weeks or a few months ago. You are not certain if contacting them will yield results for your business. Regardless, businesses still opt for aged leads from lead generators primarily because they screened these leads for them to be still valuable even if they are not very recent. You can trust lead generators like MasterMCA to process pre-qualification before selling them to lenders.

How to choose an MCA aged lead provider?

This will depend on the services you want to purchase from your provider. While there might be a list of top providers online, it still pays to do your research and shop for providers before deciding on one. Besides the cost, you also need to consider their lead generation process, the tools they use, and other customization options you can avail of.