Live Transfer Insurance Leads

Obtaining insurance leads is not too difficult – there is no shortage of people out there who would benefit from the protection and security that insurance can bring. But so often these leads turn out to be cold, and your sales team has used resources trying to convert a lead that wasn’t interested in the first place. While there are numerous ways to generate insurance leads, only some of these will generate high quality leads that can be converted into sales.

What is a live transfer insurance lead?

A live transfer insurance lead is simply a person or business who is interested in obtaining insurance in real-time. A potential lead speaks to someone (usually over the phone) to register their interest in the insurance you can provide. During this conversation, all necessary information is collected, and the potential lead is checked for eligibility. Once their interest has been logged and has been thoroughly vetted, they are transferred to the sales team in real-time, to close the deal and convert them into a sale. This is different from aged leads, where the transfer is not immediate.

Benefits of working with live transfers

There are many different types of leads that your business can acquire, so why focus on live ones? Many people feel as though the fact that these leads are time-sensitive means that they are harder to work with, and thus not worth the extra effort. However, they come with their own unique pros:

Your conversion rate is likely to be higher than average
If you are able to communicate with leads as soon as they express interest, you can provide them with the efficient service that they want. Insurance leads are more likely to convert if you are able to begin the process of closing the deal immediately, compared to other leads that may have spent more time waiting for follow-up contact. Studies have shown that when given options, people will often choose to go for the company that responds to them the fastest. In this fast-paced world, keeping up gets you the results you want.

You can create a schedule for these live leads
With live leads, you can set your own schedule that works with your team, so you know exactly when they are coming and can plan accordingly. If your sales team becomes overwhelmed, this can be paused until they are ready to provide attention to new leads. This system works for all parties, and helps to ensure that all leads are offered a high level of service from the point of first contact, to the point of conversion (and after).

Process of a live transfer

A live transfer can sound like a complicated process, but in reality, it’s simply using two different agents to support a single lead. First, a member of the lead generation team makes contact with the potential lead. They have a conversation to establish interest, and to confirm the lead is eligible/qualified. Once that has been established, the lead is then immediately transferred to the sales team to convert into a sale.

The most significant benefit to this method of transfer is that the members of your team interacting with the lead only have to focus on their sole responsibility. This means they can hone their skills without having to spend time diversifying their skillset. If you have a great organizational structure, your marketing and sales teams should be able to navigate this process together with ease.

Another benefit is that your potential lead is receiving support in real-time. Live transfers are meant to be efficient, which can be very important for those who need support quickly. If your business can cater to this immediate need, you are likely to see an increase in high-quality leads.

Obtaining live transfer insurance leads

There are a number of different ways that your company can locate live transfer insurance leads. These ultimately come down to the lead either placing a call into the marketing team, or the marketing team making an outbound call:

With inbound calls, potential leads will call your company because they are interested in obtaining insurance. This call will be directed to your marketing team, or to a call center. This original conversation already has the benefit of knowing that the potential lead is interested in receiving the insurance you can sell. The conversation will involve vetting the potential lead to ensure they are eligible, then immediately transferring them to the sales team.

Outbound calls are the same process, but obtaining the lead will also include marketing them towards the insurance to get a feel for their interest. Often outbound calls will involve cold calling, so the caller also has to determine whether or not the potential lead is interested, as well as vet them. This can still yield high quality results, and if done correctly, you can still have a great conversion rate.

There are a number of ways to get live transfer leads into your funnel to reach out for further information. These methods can include online and offline, and most companies employ a combination of both.

Targeted advertising

If you understand your target market, you can advertise directly to them. This will encourage potential leads to click onto your landing page for further information, where they can get in contact and begin the process of vetting.

Cold calling

As already identified, this method of outbound calls can also help to generate live leads that can be transferred. By reaching out to individuals who fit certain demographics, your marketing team or third-party call center can utilize the opportunity to sell your service. If the potential lead is interested, they can be transferred immediately for efficient support.


You want to ensure that your insurance company’s messaging is fully optimized for the potential lead. The focus is to ensure that your business maintains a prominent online presence, making it as easy as possible for potential leads to find you. This should include information on how to contact your call center, to begin the verification process.

Maintain relationships with leads

Even after a live transfer lead has successfully been converted to a sale, you should still maintain a strong relationship with the client. This will create opportunities for upselling of new or greater insurance covers, allowing you to repeat the conversion process. Similarly, following up with warm leads may yield better results if they have finally committed to insurance, and are ready to be transferred live. This can be a potential missed opportunity if you simply discard your leads if they are not immediately interested.

Outsourcing your lead generation

Insurance lead generation can be time-consuming and resource intensive. For companies who are new with little experience in the field, it can also be difficult to immediately develop winning techniques – there can be a lot of trial and error. As a result, many businesses turn to third party agencies to source leads for them.

There are a number of benefits to this setup. Firstly, the sole purpose of these agencies is to source leads and transfer them in real-time, so they understand the environment. They are more likely to succeed at sourcing leads faster, and more consistently. This in turn reaps financial benefits for your business, and helps you to grow at a much faster rate. These companies use developing technology and data analysts to secure the best streams of leads, sharing this with you for exponential growth.

The only downside is that taking lead generation out-of-house means that your sales team loses a direct line of communication with the lead generators. If there are any issues, your sales team has no way to contact the generator, which can be a significant inconvenience to your business and the lead. Good lead generation companies will retain strong communication with your business, so they can provide any follow-up information or support as it is needed.

Let MasterMCA source live transfer insurance leads for you

Sourcing leads can be time-consuming, so why not leave it to the experts? MasterMCA has over 10 year’s experience sourcing insurance leads all across the United States, and we are ready to help you. All of our services are tailored to suit your exact needs and expectations. Our team will discuss with you what kinds of insurance you can provide, and who your target demographic is. We then source the leads that match your requirements, and make sure that they qualify before we hand them over to your sales team. This helps to ensure that all leads that are transferred are looking for your exact type of insurance, and meet your eligibility so that all your team needs to do is close the deal.

When communicating with potential leads, we understand that first impressions matter. All of our staff are experienced and highly professional, and we are always working to sell your services. This helps to ensure a smooth transition to your internal team, and sets up your lead for the best possible experience with your insurance services.

We strive for quality leads above all else. We understand that your time is valuable, and there is nothing worse than receiving a lead that is ineligible for your support. All of the leads that we transfer are thoroughly vetted, and all the necessary information is present and correct. Our aim is to make your work easier, and allow for a smoother transition for your lead.

Our support does not end after the lead has been transferred to you. We have a strong team of dedicated professionals who are always available for support before and after the transfer, ensuring your leads are looked after at all points. We utilize new technology to analyze data and share the results with you, so that you can understand what works for your business and what doesn’t.


What is the benefit of live leads compared to cold leads?

Live leads have a greater chance of converting to a sale. This is because they have already expressed interest, and they want that support now. Cold leads are still valuable, but in the time between originally highlighting their interest and you contacting them, they may have sourced their insurance elsewhere or changed their mind completely, lowering their potential conversion rate. We recommend utilizing live leads in combination with cold and warm leads for maximum sales generation.

What are the benefits of partnering with a lead generation agency?

Lead generation agencies are designed to source your leads, it is what they are good at. If your organization is failing to obtain enough leads, or all the leads they are sourcing are low quality, it may be worth considering a partnership. These leads are still live so you do not need to worry about disengagement, and you can be confident they have been thoroughly vetted before being transferred.

With live transfers, who exactly gets transferred?

Only those who are interested in your service and meet your insurance requirements are transferred to your sales team. This means that every call that comes through has a strong chance of becoming a sale. All potential leads who are interested but perhaps not ready to purchase will not be transferred live, but may be considered warm leads to reconnect with later. This helps to ensure that your sales team only has to close the deal.

How much does it cost to generate live leads?

The price of generating live leads will differ, depending on the company you are purchasing from. Generally, live leads will cost more to generate than standard, aged leads, as they are higher quality and more likely to lead to a conversion.

Can MasterMCA help my business generate live transfer insurance leads?

Yes, we can. If you are interested in partnering with us for lead sourcing, get in touch with us today. Live transfer insurance leads are one of our lead generation specialties, and we have extensive experience supporting a wide range of insurance companies to facilitate successful transfers.