Leads for Business

A lead for business is an individual or company interested in your product or service. They are a necessary component of any business strategy. For companies that are struggling to find the right leads for their business, MasterMCA is an agency devoted to providing you with the support and leads you need for your business to succeed.

What are leads for business?

Acquiring leads for business is a necessary component for any company. Once you have leads, you can contact them for further discussion. If they are interested enough, ideally they will become a sale if your company matches their needs. Although not every business lead will convert into a sale, it is the first step for your company to generate new customers or clients. The better quality the business leads, the greater the chance you can convert them into a sale.

Leads for businesses are essential for all companies, at all stages of the company’s growth and development. Many organizations focus heavily on generating new leads when they are new or trying to increase their growth, but tend to neglect this when their company reaches a comfortable stage. This is somewhat understandable – lead acquisition is time- and resource-intensive. Some companies do not have the capabilities to devote so much to developing leads when they aren’t necessarily working to grow their business significantly. However, this can lead to stagnation and a potential decrease in revenue if they ever lose existing customers with no way to replace them efficiently.

Generating Leads for Businesses

There is no shortage of ways to create leads for business, but not all of these are successful. It’s also important to remember that what works for someone else may not work for you. You need to ensure that your business lead strategy fits inside your existing marketing strategy, and that this design suits your company and your products or services. Ideally, you want to ensure that you are generating leads from a number of different sources, to ensure that you are reaching as much of your target audience as possible. However, you don’t want to be trying to tap into every single market as this will generate low-quality leads that are less likely to convert to sales. You need to find the perfect balance that helps to maintain high standard leads without making yourself too exclusive.

Some of the most common methods for generating leads:

Direct engagement/Cold calling

This is a great source of potential leads, especially if you are an up and coming business that may still be growing in terms of getting your name out there. If you are aware of a potential customer that you know may be in need of your services, reach out and pitch your company and how you can help them.

Offer a LiveChat option on your website

Studies have shown that leads are more likely to turn into sales if they can immediately access a source of information through a live chat function on your website. This offers potential clients an immediate connection point, and provides them with the information they need early on. This helps your lead to assess for themselves whether your product or service is right for them, without wasting time.

Network/Build relationships through existing clients

Your best advertising will come from satisfied customers organically recommending you to people in their networks. If you can provide a good outcome for your clients, they are more likely to share this information with others who may be in need of your exact services. These referrals come with a level of automatic trust that potential clients may heavily value – they already know you can meet their expectations. Foster and maintain relationships with your customers to guarantee open communication and maximum satisfaction. Ideally, this positive experience and review of your service will become known to others via word of mouth. Let your great results do the talking! Even if potential sales are not immediately in need of your services, the existing relationship will be beneficial in the future when they are ready to engage.

Utilize social media

Social media may be one of the most important ways to connect with potential leads, advertise your business, and help to bring in sales. The vast range of platforms available means that you can tailor your social media to what best suits your marketing strategy, while still being a free platform that you can easily engage with people on. We strongly recommend utilizing a combination of professional platforms such as LinkedIn alongside informal platforms such as Twitter and Facebook that also create opportunities for you to make yourself available to anyone who has an interest.

Outsource the generation of leads for business to specialized companies.

Lead acquisition can be time-consuming and sometimes unfruitful for many companies, so often people will outsource this task to specialized agencies. Their sole purpose is to help you generate high quality leads that can translate into sales as efficiently as possible.

Converting your leads for business into sales

The goal of securing business leads is to turn these into sales, increasing the revenue of your company. It is important to remember that not all leads will be converted into sales, but there are certain methods you can utilize to increase the chances of this happening. Much of this work needs to occur in the early stages of lead generation, to ensure that from the very beginning of contact, you are engaging with the right kinds of leads.

One of the first steps to converting business leads into confirmed sales is researching the target audience correctly, to check that you are selling them exactly what they need. This research can also uncover different methodologies for best connecting with these ideal clients, for maximum exposure.

Once the research has been done, it is time to implement marketing strategies that utilize this information. As identified previously, there are a number of different lead-generating options, and some may work better than others for your particular needs. Often a combination of lead sources will be the best way to ensure maximum visibility across your target audience.

Generating a lead is only a small step in generating a sale. It may get potential clients into the sales funnel, but they are nowhere near ready to purchase what you are offering just yet. Leads may require engagement and more information in order for them to see if this is really what they are after. It is important to follow up with leads as not all will want to purchase straight away – but creating that relationship will leave the door open if they change their mind in the future.

Only then, when interested parties are ready to purchase, does the lead become the sale. There is going to be a cost associated with securing leads for businesses, however, the conversion is what makes the process profitable.

Using MasterMCA to boost leads for your business

MasterMCA specializes in providing clients with MCA business leads that have a higher success rate, due to the fact that they are targeted. By the time a lead has been transferred to you, the leads have already expressed interest in obtaining a loan. This helps to reduce the overall resources you need in order to convert to a sale.

The goal of MasterMCA is to do all the groundwork on your behalf, so that your company can focus on doing what you are good at – selling your service and closing the deal. As a business, you no longer have to spend time cold calling or trawling through email sets to potentially secure one lead. This can reduce the amount of effort you need to put in, while increasing positive outcomes for your business. We understand that your time is money, and we are devoted to connecting you with leads that are already interested and invested in you, helping to speed up that conversion as much as possible. By taking the early leads process out of your hands, you can focus on reducing costs and increasing revenue for your business.

Utilizing MasterMCA to help generate leads for business means that all leads you are connected to have already been vetted. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our vetting process is robust, without being too constraining to the point that you lose potential leads. When you are connected with a lead, you can be confident they already meet the threshold for a capable business that you would want to engage with.

MasterMCA works closely with clients to ensure that we fully understand what you are looking for in your leads, so that we can provide this to you as efficiently as possible. Part of our vetting process includes sorting potential leads based on what business may be able to provide what they are looking for. When a lead is transferred to you, they are an exact match, looking for what you can offer. This further helps to support the conversion of a sale, without requiring further work from your marketing team.

Our service continues even after we have transferred the lead to you. Our support team is at your disposal to help you convert these leads into sales in as many cases as possible. We continue to check in with you to ensure that the leads we are providing meet your needs, adjusting based on your feedback where necessary. We strive to provide a comprehensive support package alongside the leads so that regardless of where your company is on its journey, you can feel confident you have the support of an experienced and high-achieving lead generator.


What are MCA leads?

MCA leads are Merchant Cash Advance leads – just one form of leads for businesses. We specialize in supporting businesses that want funds immediately. Many businesses (especially smaller businesses) may struggle to access traditional business loans due to increasing demand for these kinds of services, so MCA’s can help with this. We work to generate leads from a number of sources, and vet them all through a range of procedures to ensure they meet baseline standards for your loans. While there are a number of reasons that a business may want to access extra funds, we vet your leads early on in the process to ensure that they are legitimate and would be a good fit for you and what you can offer. There are a range of different cash advance leads that fall under this umbrella, such as:

  • Working Capital Leads
  • SBA Loan Leads
  • Business Loan Leads
  • Invoice Factoring Leads

How do I know what kind of MCA lead will work for my business?

Unsure of exactly what kind of MCA lead you are after? Our team will discuss with you what kinds of leads will work best for you and your company, to ensure maximum success for all involved. Our team encompasses a diverse range of knowledge and skills, enabling us to identify the leads that will work best, then securing these on your behalf.

What is the difference between a live transfer lead, and an aged transfer lead?

Live leads are leads that have expressed interest in an MCA in real-time – handed over to you as soon as we have obtained the correct data and vetted them. Aged live transfer leads are leads that have previously expressed interest in an MCA, but did not move forward at the original point of contact. There are benefits to exploring both types of leads, and MasterMCA will work with you to develop successful strategies for both.

Is MasterMCA right for my business?

Yes! MasterMCA offers support to companies through a wide range of industries – from healthcare, entertainment, and telecommunications. We designed our business with our clients and their needs in mind. All of our services are tailored specifically to those who we work with, to generate maximum success. We offer support across a diverse range of markets across the United States and we are confident we can support the growth and development of your company with our MCA leads for business.