Lead Generation Business

All sales companies require leads to be successful, however securing these can take significant amounts of time and resources. For new or small businesses, this may not be the right focus. More and more companies are choosing to outsource this task, allowing them to focus on developing their business in other ways. Is this something that might be right for you?

What is a lead generation business?

Just like the name suggests, a lead generation business is a company that’s sole purpose is to help secure leads for other organizations. They help to draw the potential lead in, and engage with them until they display enough interest to warrant moving them through the sales funnel. At this point, the lead generation company will pass the leads off to the company they are procuring them for. The company then only has to focus on closing a sale.

The lead generation business has a single task: to obtain information about potential leads. When advertising and engaging with interested people, they do some groundwork to understand whether or not this potential lead is exactly what the company is looking for. Equally, they are also looking to determine whether the company can provide the correct product or service for the potential lead. Once the initial vetting has been completed and a potential partnership has been established, the lead generation company hands the leads to the client company. The client company can then focus on converting this lead into a sale.

Why do I need a lead generation business to help me?

Leads are an important part of any business, as they are the first step for all sales. Generating more leads helps to increase revenue and helps you to grow your business. If you are struggling to source leads, it may be time to consider outsourcing this task to experts. While there are many benefits to partnering with a lead generation business, the most significant is that the client company no longer has to worry about generating leads. The process of accessing potential leads is a resource-intensive process that small businesses may not all have the time or money to access themselves. By outsourcing this process they are able to focus solely on converting the lead to a sale, allowing resources to be allocated in a much more efficient way for the whole business.

Lead generation businesses work to ensure that all leads that are transferred are vetted and meet criteria. How often has your sales team received a lead, only to find out later on that the lead is not even qualified? There are a number of reasons this may occur: lack of communication between the marketing and sales team, failure to properly nurture the lead through the sales funnel, or just a general lack of a robust qualification procedure. Lead generation businesses work with your company to identify all these issues, and integrate their solutions into their standard operating procedures. This way, you receive higher-quality leads, and a reduction in non-viable opportunities.

Another benefit is that partnering with a lead generation business will give you access to new information and insights. Lead generation businesses source leads as their main task, and they understand how to do this successfully. Companies who work independently to source their own leads may not have the complete insight or experience to be successful immediately, and it may take costly trial and error before they start to work out. Partnering with a dedicated agency increases your chances of success earlier, and reduces the need for any kind of costly errors in the process.

What makes a lead generation company good?

Ideally, your lead generation company will secure the leads that you need – this is the first indicator that the organization you have partnered with is good. But there are other ways to help you understand what makes a lead generation company good at what they do.

Has experience generating leads in your industry

Each industry is different, and the leads that are needed for each industry will be equally as unique. For the best results, you should opt to partner with an agency that already understands the intricacies of your field, and what is needed to ensure that a lead is viable. This experience ensures there is minimal trial and error for your company, and you can move ahead with generating high quality leads through avenues that are known to be fruitful. While flexibility and new opportunities are always welcomed, it’s important to be working from a place of success already.

Offers ongoing support, even after the point of transfer

The best lead generators remain as involved as you need them to, even after they have provided you with leads. This may be to offer needed follow-up information or to discuss feedback if the leads are not working out. Good companies will be open to this kind of ongoing relationship, which benefits all parties involved.

Offers a range of different leads, from a range of different sources

The market is vast, and you want to be sure that you are tapping into all corners of it. The best lead-generating companies have the capability to access a wide variety of leads via different methods, to ensure you are reaching all of your target audience. This may include online and offline marketing tactics, as well as aged and live leads. They may even follow up with your existing customers to generate referrals, or to determine whether they can become repeat customers.

They integrate well with your existing setup

The lead generation company works for you, and should be able to fit into your existing setup to ensure that from the initial point of contact, your leads are offered a high quality of service that they can expect to be continued after they have been transferred to your sales team.

About MasterMCA

MasterMCA is a lead generation business, specializing in leads for Merchant Cash Advances. There are a number of small businesses that require capital, and may not be eligible for traditional bank loans. As a result, they look for other financial options that may be able to help them achieve their ends.

There are a number of different types of MCA that MasterMCA can help with:

Working Capital Leads

Working capital loans refer to loans specifically for finances to support the day-to-day workings of a business. For example, if a large piece of machinery breaks, companies may need an immediate loan to be able to replace this and continue business as usual. These kinds of needs are urgent, and very few organizations can wait for a standard business loan to be processed and approved – every day without the functioning machinery is more money lost.

SBA Loan Leads

SBA (Small Business Administration) loans are given to smaller companies, and can be used for a wide range of purposes. The benefit to securing an SBA loan is that these are generally lower interest and have longer repayment timeframes in comparison to a standard business loan. Unfortunately, the Small Business Administration has changed their loan criteria. This means that many businesses that were previously eligible for this type of loan are no longer able to access it.

Business Loan Leads

Business loan leads are companies that are in need of a standard business loan to cover part of the costs of their business. There are a number of reasons why businesses may be looking for alternative sources of funding, beyond the traditional bank. They may have received approval for only part of the loan that they need, and still need further cash to achieve their intended outcomes. They may have been declined by the bank for various reasons, but still, meet appropriate prerequisites from other funding outlets.

Invoice Factoring Leads

The process of invoice factoring involves receiving capital immediately, equal to the same amount of money that has been invoiced to customers or clients. Many companies (especially small ones) require immediate funds, however, it can take some time for funds to be paid out. The loan provides the capital immediately, and is repaid when the customers pay their invoices.

MasterMCA sources leads from a variety of different sources, to ensure that all potential leads are being accessed. These leads can be either live (the handover occurs in real-time, as soon as the lead has expressed interest and passed all preliminary checks), or aged (the lead may have expressed interest previously, but is still valuable if followed up with). Both types of leads are capable of converting into sales, and companies work best from a combination of live leads that require immediate support, and aged leads that may require further information or support before they are ready to commit.

What makes MasterMCA stand out from other lead generation businesses?

At MasterMCA, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the exact service and outcomes that our clients are looking for. We have cultivated a high-quality process that yields high quality results, increasing your chances of converting them into sales.

Part of the MasterMCA service is ensuring that all potential leads meet loan criteria. We guarantee that all leads given to you have appropriate credit scores, capital, and the elements necessary to make them legitimate potential sales. All of our partners can be confident that any lead they receive has been through a preliminary vetting system and meets high standards worthy of support. This screening process is designed to create a more efficient system, and enables all of our clients to be confident in the high standard of leads we provide.

Another factor that separates MasterMCA from the rest of the businesses providing a similar service is that our partnership does not end at the point of handover. Known as our “post-delivery service,” we work with our clients to understand their conversion rates, which leads are working and which are not, and how we may be able to support them better. We are available for support throughout the internal sales process, and are always ready to integrate feedback into our processes in real-time.


How do lead generation businesses make money?

Most lead generation companies make a commission from each lead they are able to take to the business they are working with. The amount of commission they make will depend on a number of factors such as the cost of acquiring the lead, the business they are working with, and the type of lead it is. The better quality the lead, the more money the lead acquisition business is likely to receive.

Are lead generation businesses a necessity?

No – you do not need to hire a lead generation business in order to identify leads for your company. However many businesses find that when they partner with a lead generation agency, the quality and quantity of their leads increases. If your business is struggling independently, this is certainly a viable way to help you improve.

What kinds of companies can hire a lead generation business?

Almost any type of company can benefit from the support of a lead generation business. It’s important to do research to understand exactly what types of lead generations you are looking for, so that you are able to secure a partnership with a company that can achieve this. Many lead generation companies specialize in a certain type of lead generation, and may have expertise in certain fields.

Do lead generation businesses offer customized services?

Yes, all lead generation businesses should be providing you with services that have been customized specifically for your company based on a range of factors. This can include the industry you work in, the size of your company, and your target audience.

What kinds of lead generations can MasterMCA provide?

MasterMCA specialized in generating MCA leads – companies that are looking for merchant cash advances. We have experience generating different types of leads in a wide range of industries. We can provide our support for businesses across the United States.