How to Get MCA Leads

New and small businesses almost always rely on MCA leads to convert sales for their companies. However, the question lies in how to get MCA leads in the most effective and best possible ways. It’s hardly a secret that getting leads for companies providing merchant cash advances is not an easy task. As the demand for immediate funding from small business owners increases, a pool of MCA providers is eager to market their funding services.

As the MCA industry grows, so is the challenge for providers to win the confidence and interest of merchant prospects. It can be a handful for lenders to monitor all positions and determine merchants’ interest levels to secure cash advances. Considering the technicalities of the MCA industry, focusing on comprehensive market research will help lenders craft efficient ways to search for and engage potential clients. In this regard, it can be beneficial to partner with experts and specialists who know how to get leads for MCA.

Besides the helpful ways on how to get MCA leads, this article will tackle the benefits and good criteria of MCA leads and more.

Types of MCA Leads

Before going into the process of how to get MCA leads, it might be beneficial to get to know the various kinds of MCA leads.

Aged MCA leads

One of the most suitable and affordable MCA leads comes from MCA-aged leads. As lenders use these leads, they can get merchant information around several weeks or a few months old. These leads were once exclusive leads that did not have a successful conversion. You will find MCA leads to be more affordable compared to other types.

Fresh MCA leads

Fresh leads mean getting a list of merchants applying for financing within ten to thirty days. These leads contain precise information about merchants, including loan details, business names, and contact information used during the pre-qualification process. As fresh leads are real-time, they allow lenders to strategize in reaching out to merchants seeking funding instantly.

MCA Web leads

As the name suggests, lenders will get leads from merchant prospects who filled out online forms and asked lenders to contact them to discuss funding options. MCA lead providers screen web leads using various criteria such as loan purpose, amount requested, time in business, sales, and revenue. As MassterMCA’s web leads, the company utilizes an exclusive transmission approach from more than sixty financial portal networks. Furthermore, the leads are flexible, allowing customization on data integration, API, forms, and submission criteria into the marketing channel.

MCA live transfer leads

When lenders use live transfer leads, merchant prospects are sent one at a time. After the MCA lead provider screens the prospect and agrees to do business immediately, providers then direct the call to lenders for a three-way conference call. While the process might not be the same for all providers, the idea here is that the chances of lead conversion are higher as lenders can approve funding immediately.

Different ways on how to get leads for MCA

Here are valuable tips on how to get MCA leads. With how tough the competition is in the industry, it can be fitting to get ahead in the game using effective and efficient MCA leads.

  • Focus on the primary target. To assist you in getting high-quality leads with easy conversion, it is crucial to specify the nature of your target audience. You need to tighten up your market to ensure you do not act on every random prospect. Furthermore, defining the market will allow you to react to the demands faster.
  • Maximize all the things MCA leads have to offer. Surely you need to partner with experts and specialists to get the job done efficiently. MasterMCA provides MCA lead generation services for lenders looking to get more clients with MCA needs. You can accomplish more critical positions on deals using various MCA leads that will suit your business preferences.
  • Utilize a practical communication approach. Getting the right message across straightforwardly is essential for merchant prospects. Research revealed that people tend to invest more time receiving calls or staying on a website with various components like understandable conversations, infographics, and images.
  • Boost your inbound content. You can utilize your blog for your business to get MCA leads. A simple phone or video button or webchat will allow merchant prospects to get a hold of your business in just a click. With how the internet and social media are used today to market brands, it can be fitting that you also use them to your advantage in getting leads who look for immediate funding.
  • Call to action. You need to let your prospects get interested in your funding options. Call to action applies to web content urging potential leads to reach out for more of your company’s services. They can either email, chat, or even call you. Also, you can ask prospects to subscribe to your newsletter. It’s one way of still getting in touch with your prospects even after initial discussions.
  • Follow up. The process does not end on the first try of reaching out to prospects. If it did not yield any conversion or MCA purchase, you could always follow up on those leads in the following weeks or months. Besides figuring out whether they are already in need of funding, you can also introduce the new funding options they can avail. Failed lead conversions do not mean that you cannot use them next time.
  • Outbound telemarketing. Another popular way to get MCA leads is through calling prospects. You can get the contact numbers of merchant prospects based on your target audience. Once you have the numbers, you can reach out to these prospects yourself and discuss your company’s funding services.

The benefits of MCA leads

There are various ways to get leads for MCA. You can either create them yourself or partner with lead generator experts to streamline potential leads for you. Here is the catch. Lead generator experts are ideal since these companies have the tools and processes to provide effective MCA leads for their clients. Below are the additional benefits of MCA leads.

  • Updated database. MCA leads need updating every now and then. Most MCA lead providers ensure that their data on potential prospects are recent. This is to ensure that they keep fresh leads for lenders. Additionally, they remove unwanted leads to avoid confusion on the list.
  • Provide appropriate prospects. Lead providers only have one primary purpose: to boost the market of their clients. Since their products are MCA leads, they have an exclusive database of potential leads with extensive data and other information. This way, they can effectively create leads for specific clients.
  • Saves time and money. Some lenders might find it a handful to juggle managing the business and trying to find MCA leads on their own. It truly is a challenge. However, they can trust MCA lead providers to create leads for them. As a result, they can entirely focus on improving their services. More importantly, quality MCA leads do not include those incompetent and inadequate ones.
  • Conduct follow-ups. MCA leads provided by lead generators like MasterMCA will not leave their clients hanging. They conduct follow-ups for potential inconveniences or future needs. In most cases, they also do a follow-through from creating the lead until conversion.
  • Fully understand the client’s business. Providers of MCA leads will not straightly hand out random leads to lenders. These are carefully collated and sourced based on the client’s requirements. Providers learn and understand clients’ businesses before they offer leads. Additionally, when these experts comprehend what lenders prefer, they also practice clear communication between them and the lenders.
  • Comprehensive and updated contact details. If you are aware of how to get leads for MCA, you know besides leads being detailed and thorough, they have to be recent. MCA lead providers usually give potential leads which contain the merchants’ detailed contact details. This includes the merchant’s name, phone number, address, email address, and business id.

Characteristics of an excellent MCA lead

How will you know if the leads will result in successful conversions for your business? You look at some of the elements below.

  • MCA leads undergo profiling and market research
    Market research allows lead providers to gather leads that will match potential MCA client profiles. Additionally, MCA lead providers also have to work around lenders and merchants and match the requirements, including company budget, size, and type. More importantly, conducting extensive research will rescue the possibility of lower conversions.
  • Multi-channel incorporations
    Sourcing MCA leads from a single channel will not be very ideal. In most cases, providers engage various platforms like emails, social media, sites, blogs, and business websites in addition to MCA services. All these besides the traditional and cold marketing. With how vast the marketing can become, MCA lead providers have to ensure to utilize all channels to reach out to potential merchants effectively. With leads, lenders can present their recent offers and services. Furthermore, they can discuss more options merchants want for their business to grow.
  • Qualified appointments
    An excellent MCA lead gives competent and qualified prospects. That is one of the things merchants have to look for when choosing an MCA lead provider. Ideal prospects can be those MCA buyers who are in demand during anticipated sales. Since lead generator experts screen their leads prior, you can guarantee that they will only provide high-quality leads and with high conversions.

Effects of Poor MCA leads

This article already discussed the remarkable things MCA leads bring to their clients. However, it might also be ideal for lenders to look at some significant effects of getting poor MCA leads.

  • In most cases, poor MCA leads yield lower conversion. It could be a waste of money to invest in these leads if they do not turn into cash. Poor leads can be those merchants who are not looking to expand or have plenty of debts piled up.
  • Imagine spending more hours on the telephone or paying agents to chase leads with low conversion rates. It’s not good for the business, as they take away valuable resources from you.
  • MCA leads with lower chances of conversion can significantly take much of your valuable time. It’s not only one lead that you are after; your team generally goes for several leads in a day. As you run on poor leads, other company members are left with little time and energy to reach out to leads that could have generated revenue.
  • No matter how affordable they can be, purchasing leads still involves money. Some even invest in expensive MCA leads. When the leads are not as promising as you expected them to be, it surely can take a significant amount of money without any assurance or future returns.


Is it hard to learn how to get leads for MCA?

No. With the increasing number of MCA lead providers today, it is just a matter of time before you learn how to work around MCA leads to boost your business. If you opt to create MCA leads personally, there were a few suggestions above on how to generate them effectively. Meanwhile, if you choose to partner with experts, MasterMCA is one of the best providers that you can count on.

How can I choose affordable MCA leads?

Generally, MCA aged leads are cheaper compared to other leads. It is because aged leads were once used by the other lenders but did not yield successful conversions. Unlike real-time leads, aged leads are about a few weeks or several months old. Hence they are more affordable.

Why should a lender partner with an MCA lead provider?

One of the benefits of having an expert deal with creating MCA leads is efficiency. Besides taking some load off your shoulder, these providers help you gain and reach out to qualified merchants. As a result, you can get qualified merchants willing and capable of repaying the advances.