How to get leads for your business

There is no shortage of ways to get leads for your business. Whether you are looking for online or offline, free or for a fee, there will be options that suit your needs. The tricky part is finding methods that work for you and your business, generating the best results. Let us show you some of the most common ways to get leads for your business, and why they might be right for you.

First, what is a lead?

A business lead is someone that is interested in your product or service. The intention is for you to convert this interest into a sale. It’s important to note that not every business lead will become a sale, but all sales do need to start as leads.

10 methods for how to get leads for your business

If someone expresses interest in your product or service but doesn’t purchase it right away, do not give up on them! There are many reasons why someone may not become a sale at the initial point of contact, but they may want to in the future. Always keep in contact with existing leads, maintaining a relationship and providing them with new information as it comes. These gentle reminders that you exist may be what is needed to make them change their mind, or think of your company when they are ready to purchase.

Network (online and offline)

Networking is a great way to introduce yourself and your business to people you may not even know are interested in what you can provide. There are numerous conferences and events that you and your business are likely to attend, so utilize these to the best of your ability. If there are none to attend, why not create your own? Some people enjoy engaging with others face to face, rather than online. These kinds of opportunities are great ways to meet that market, and to promote what you are selling. Although some see online networking as the future, there is nothing wrong with traditional face-to-face engagement.

Another powerful way to network is making the most of professional social media accounts. This helps to establish your company’s digital footprint, but allows you to connect with potential leads everywhere – you are not geographically confined to those around you. There is evidence to suggest that out of all the social media platforms, traffic that originated from LinkedIn has the greatest chance of becoming a lead. This in turn offers you more opportunities for sales.

Online and offline working can often go hand in hand – we recommend following up in person conversations with a LinkedIn request. They will remember you, and now they have a digital way of keeping in contact.

Continue customer engagement after the sale

Depending on your product or service, previous and existing customers may be a great source of leads. If your business sells something that may warrant a repeat purchase, follow up with those people who have already purchased it. Maintain the relationship in general by asking for feedback after the point of original sale, offering support where needed, so that when they are ready, they feel positive about becoming repeat business.


Another great way to get leads for your business is by naturally obtaining referrals from existing customers. This is another great reason to maintain a high standard of customer relations, even after the point of sale (the same as the point above). If your customers are happy with the product or service you can provide, they are far more likely to recommend it to those around them. These recommendations help to build trust and authenticity in your brand, increasing the quality of the lead as well.

Cold calling

This is certainly one of the most common methods of sourcing leads, and it has its own pros and cons just like the other ways. Cold calling is a process that refers to engaging with potential clients who have not yet expressed any interest in your product. If your business has a solid concept of who your ideal customer is, then you can utilize a range of information sources to identify real-world examples of this ideal customer. You can then reach out to them, introducing your business and the product or service that you sell. This is a great way to advertise your business to parts of your target audience who may not have heard of you yet. However, it can be resource intensive to spend time on potential customers who have not expressed interest, therefore decreasing their chance of becoming a lead.

Create information about your general service or product

Online content can be a great source of clicks through to your website, but it also helps to cement your business as a specialist on the topic. People may not necessarily want your product or service now, they are simply looking for generic informative content. Your business is still getting recognition and if your information is correct and helpful, people will remember this for future needs. Although this method of getting leads for your business may not yield immediate results, it will help to create high-quality leads in the long run.

Email Advertising

If done correctly, email advertising can be an efficient way to get leads for your business. Email adverts can be annoying and often get moved straight to the trash, so it’s important to hook your audience immediately with something in the header. Once you have caught the attention of your audience, follow up with an informative and personalized email – highlight the new information you think your customer may not have seen yet and your call to action, and go. One of the only downsides to email advertising/marketing is that you can only send to existing clients or customers, but this is a great option for repeat leads.

Offer deals/promotions for first-time buyers

Offering promotions, free trials, or any form of special deal is an easy way to identify interested leads. Many businesses offer an up-front deduction for signing up. This gives you information about your lead, but also highlights they are much more interested in your business than standard traffic. Once you have this information, it is easier to follow up with them and convert them into a longer-term sale. This option is also a great way to get around the limitations of email advertising – if you can encourage leads to give you their email addresses before they are sold, you can add them to your email list to keep in touch.

Offer a Live Chat function

People love receiving information immediately, and chatbots are a great way to provide this 24/7. They help to improve the experience of your website, turning traffic into potential leads for your business. When the potential lead is ready, they can reach out to an actual team member already armed with the basic knowledge they need to move forward. Your staff no longer have to spend time answering basic questions, and can focus on converting more serious leads into sales.

Maintain a solid online presence

It is likely that your potential leads are online across a range of different platforms, so your business should be as well. Although most companies will have a website, make sure you also consider profiles on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Of course, this will depend heavily on who your target audience is, but the wider you make your presence felt, the more leads you may receive. The best part about promoting your business across different platforms is that you can reuse the same content, just edited slightly for the platform. This will help to keep your brand and messaging consistent, and meet your potential leads wherever they are.

How can MasterMCA help you get leads for your business?

MasterMCA specializes in securing MCA leads for you and your business. We work closely with all clients to understand what they need, and how best to provide this tailored support. We utilize a range of lead generation tools and pathways to generate the largest amount of leads possible, from a wide range of sources. Our services are available across the United States, for a wide range of industries.

Master MCA specializes in generating business leads that are looking for merchant cash advances (MCA). These come in a range of different forms, and we work with our partner agencies and potential leads to determine what is the best fit, and what is most likely to yield a conversion after the point of transfer. MasterMCA works to generate live leads with up-to-date data, as well as aged leads that are still expressing interest. All of our leads are thoroughly checked and vetted before being transferred to our partners to ensure a high standard of lead, not just a high quantity.

The MasterMCA service does not stop as soon as we have transferred the lead. We offer ongoing support to our clients, ensuring that we take their feedback on board to provide the exact service and results they are expecting. This helps us to maintain a flexible operation that can change according to need. We also have data experts and marketing consultants available to offer their own experience and suggestions.


What is the best method of generating leads for your business?

There is no right answer, the best method of generating leads for your business will depend on your audience and your business. Different customers are attracted to different types of advertising, so we always recommend a combination of a few methods for the best results. If you are struggling to meet targets or secure high-quality leads, you may want to consider investing in a partnership with a leads acquisition agency, such as MasterMCA. They can support you to generate leads, and have years of experience and knowledge to ensure the leads are as easy as possible to convert.

Is it expensive to generate leads for your business?

Generating leads for your business does not have to be expensive, and there are a number of methods you can utilize that are entirely free. Even for lead generation options that cost money, there can be a wide variety of options so there should be something to suit every budget. For example, MasterMCA can provide leads for business from anywhere between 40 cents and $60.

Are more expensive lead generation methods better?

Not always! While there is some benefit to purchasing lead generation options as these can offer better quality leads, you can still access great quality leads you can convert to sales for free. We recommend a combination of purchased and free lead generation methods, and we always suggest evaluating these methods to see what works best for you.

Do more leads mean more conversions?

Most of the time, generating more leads will lead to an increase in sales. However, it is still important to remember that not all leads will be converted, however, the more leads you have, the more sales you should achieve, if the conversion rate remains the same.

What is an ideal conversion rate?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question as it depends on the industry you are working in, and the type of lead you are trying to convert. For example, professional services and food order sites have higher conversion rates than real estate agencies. Leads that have come from Google are more likely to be converted in comparison to leads that have come through a social media advertisement.

If you are looking to increase your conversion rates, agencies such as MasterMCA can work with you to ensure that you are communicating with high-quality leads that are already more invested, and therefore more likely to convert to a sale.

Can MasterMCA help me to get leads for my business?

Yes! MasterMCA specialized in supporting companies to acquire leads looking for merchant cash advances. We have worked in this field for a number of years, and we are fully equipped to provide this support to a wide range of businesses, regardless of their industry. Feel free to get in contact if this is something that you are interested in.