How to Generate Merchant Cash Advance Leads

One of the core purposes of a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) business is the exclusive MCA leads that lenders always look forward to acquiring. Surely the industry continues to grow. However, with the increasing number of brokers and tough competition, there is a slight struggle to get merchants to purchase MCA leads. As business owners get more attracted to alternative funding, it is also ideal for MCA lenders to make the most out of it.

Read along to know more about strategies on how to generate merchant cash advance leads and other essential elements around the industry.

What are merchant cash advance leads?

Reliable and high-quality MCA leads could mean better conversions for MCA lenders and providers. As a result, these leads will provide a better sales ratio and revenue for lenders. The generation of MCA leads involves a comprehensive process to collate all the most qualified merchant prospects. As leads go to the lender’s sales funnel, they can reach out to merchants, discuss MCA options, and eventually process cash advances.

Additionally, MCA leads are cost-effective since they reduce the lender’s expenses and time in acquiring qualified merchants. MCA lenders can leave the hassle of finding prospects for MCA leads providers and focus on improving their services. Furthermore, leads have vital information which expedites loan approval. All merchants are screened in terms of sales, time in business, and revenue. Consequently, it is a win-win for all parties as MCA lead providers can offer quality leads, resulting in higher probabilities for MCA lenders to fund working capital for merchants.

Types of MCA leads

Some companies offer various kinds of MCA leads. Others provide more than their competitors. Here are some of them:

Aged MCA leads

These types of leads are one of the most suitable ways to access profiles and information of merchants looking for immediate funding. In most cases, MCA lenders turn to aged leads to build up their sales funnel. As you purchase aged MCA leads, your business will instantly have access to thousands of merchants. With the necessary tools in hand, you can quickly deploy strategies to assess the financing needs of merchants.

Fresh MCA leads

Fresh MCA leads comprise a list of actual merchants applying for funding as recent as ten to thirty days. These leads are very specific in that they only lay out the current and potential clients looking for working capital. They contain the most recent data about loan-specific details, contact information, and business names used during the pre-qualifying process. In context, fresh leads are real-time leads that allow instant strategy deployment for lenders to reach out to merchant prospects.

MCA Web leads

Besides being real-time, MCA web leads are also exclusive. These data are gathered from merchants who searched for financing online and filled out forms asking MCA lenders to contact them to discuss MCA options. Additionally, the merchants collated from these leads are assessed based on time in business, loan purpose, revenue, and amount requested. MasterMCA web leads utilize an exclusive transmission strategy from more than sixty networks of financing portals. The flexibility of web leads allows customization of forms, data integration, API, and submission criteria into different marketing channels and platforms.

MCA live transfer leads

Those lenders who are used to purchasing aged leads know that they come in a CSV file format. However, for live transfer leads, they do not. Instead, the leads were generally sent one at a time.

Different ways how to generate merchant cash advance leads

Most MCA lead companies use these strategies to drive results with superior numbers.

Cold calling

When it comes to cost-effectiveness and time efficiency in generating leads, cold calling is on the list. It is a telemarketing approach where specialists and agents make outbound calls to potential merchants, inquiring if they need funding. It is a straightforward and famous approach and is proven to be effective. In most cases, cold calling involves telemarketing. However, some companies conduct in-person and door-to-door visits. Additionally, some lead providers reconsider these options with the rising competition and number of calls. Still, this approach is one of the most straightforward ways to get quality leads.

Email marketing

A rich database with the correct contact information is a practical yet straightforward approach to generating MCA leads. Email marketing is another popular method widely used by companies for marketing. You can inform prospect merchants of new loan offers and other services through email marketing. Lenders can opt to send a default message with the offers to potential merchants, and there’s a higher chance you will hear back from them if this method is done correctly.

Search Engine Optimization

Suppose your company targets a long-term marketing strategy; you can use Search Engine Optimization or SEO. In context, it is a process of improving website performance and increasing visibility when people search for services and products. In this case, when your MCA lead company uses SEO, you sure can be on top of the search results once merchants search for things related to MCA. Investing enough time in SEO can be an ideal option, primarily when people today generally use the internet almost every day.

Come up with a brand name

You might want to establish a brand name for your company to be on par with the competition and make a name for your business. As your company’s brand awareness reaches a larger market and more people know your products and services, it will eventually attract potential merchant prospects. From there, your company can generate MCA leads. . Additionally, you can trust word of mouth to expand your market. However, social media channels are excellent places to create brand awareness in today’s digital era.

Advertising in social media with attractive profiles

As mentioned previously, brand awareness can also be through social media platforms. Creating profiles on top social media sites is another way on how to generate merchant cash advance leads. Besides coming up with attractive profiles, there must also be engagements regularly. Furthermore, you need to have an organized page that can instantly catch page visitors’ attention and give general ideas about your work and the company. Ensure to select an appropriate display picture and introductions. You can open accounts on various social media channels, including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

Create engaging videos

Video content is making a significant difference on the internet today. Furthermore, it becomes an appealing marketing strategy. There are not many complications with videos, as your company can create straightforward content with an idea representing your MCA business. You can choose to upload videos on social media channels that allow video uploading. YouTube is also an excellent medium to host your videos.

Follow competitors

Besides studying ways to get MCA leads, making your competitors your guides is also beneficial. You can follow them on professional and social networks to learn about their activities, services, and offers. Your company need not contact or talk to them; you have to tag along and collate ideas while continuing the activities and initiatives of your own.

MCA lead generation process

The process of creating leads might vary depending on the company. However, here is a quick run-through of how most MCA lead providers gather data and convert them to leads.

Data collection

The first step of the MCA lead generation process involves collating all necessary data. MCA lead providers must ensure all the required information about business owners and merchants. Additionally, the database must be up-to-date to ensure all information is valid and recent. In most cases, companies cross-check profiles and validate background research when listing their merchant prospects. With this, that outdated information is removed so the draft can be more factual and reliable.


The approach comes next after filtering qualified prospects. But doing this stage is easier said than done. Lenders cannot just randomly grant merchants cash advances. There must be a strategy that should be persuasive, confident, well-mannered, and knowledgeable. Additionally, one needs to consider the prospects’ interests, appropriate communication channels, and an accurate timeline. To come up with concrete inputs on these elements, one needs to ask the right questions.


Conversion of leads results in money from paying customers. With a thorough selection and qualification process and the right approach, leads will have to be careful, precise, and professional. However, the process should not end in conversion. In most cases, MCA leads providers follow up on their clients until they convince them to purchase the leads. It is also essential to let clients understand that MCA lead providers are willing to help businesses in their best interest.

Criteria of an excellent MCA lead company

What does it take to be an excellent MCA lead provider? You can consider some points when looking for partners to boost MCA leads.

Excellent market research and profiling

MCA leads accomplish vital facets by using comprehensive market research. The research yields relevant leads that will match possible MCA client profiles. Lenders can also work around potential merchants that match the set requirements through MCA leads, including company budget, size, and type.

Engagements in various platforms

An excellent MCA lead provider is capable of incorporating several platforms and channels like blogs, social media sites, emails, and business websites. All these are apart from the traditional and cold marketing initiatives. MCA lead companies must use all these channels to communicate appropriately with potential clients. With these leads, lenders can present their latest offers and discuss several types of services merchants want for business growth.

Qualified and competent appointments

Excellent MCA leads should have the knack for providing competent and qualified merchants. Ideal prospects refer to those MCA leads buyers and MCA borrowers who are considered to be in demand during anticipated sales. However, this will highly depend on the amount of investment the buyer is willing to spend.


What is the best way to generate MCA leads?

It will largely depend on the company; whether they want to dive into digital marketing or invest in search engine optimization or go traditional with cold calls. Either way, before choosing ways to generate merchant cash advance leads, it is essential to first look into the target market and competitors, as these will gauge your company in choosing the best generator for MCA leads.

Why should an MCA lender hire a lead generation company?

Besides taking some load off the lender’s shoulders in terms of acquiring more merchants, using lead generation services helps MCA lenders effectively gain and attract the right merchants. With their help, lenders will get qualified borrowers that are willing and capable of paying off advances.

Are MCA leads expensive?

It will depend on the provider and the services lenders want to avail of. Other factors affecting the pricing are campaign initiative, availability, and the type of MCA leads lenders will purchase. Ensure pricing is clear and straightforward by discussing the matter with your MCA lead provider. While you can choose the top providers, it can also be beneficial to shop for more as not all top MCA lead providers are ideal for your business needs.

Are MCA leads effective?

MCA leads are significantly crucial for businesses that want to grow. More leads mean increasing brand awareness and interest in your services. In the long run, it will nurture curious merchants through marketing funnels and in your company’s sales pipeline. Without leads, there will be no sales, which will result in zero revenue.

Why are merchant cash advances popular?

Unlike other funding options where borrowers and lenders need to agree on scheduled and fixed payment terms, MCAs only rely on the business’s future sales. Through this funding, the merchant gets a lump sum of cash and then pays it using the percentage of the credit card sales. Most lenders do not even ask for lengthy requirements to get the funding. In some cases, the sourced fund has a dedicated purpose. However, for MCAs, borrowers can use the money however they want. They can fund equipment purchases or pay fixed expenses like rent, electricity, or payroll.