How to Generate Leads for MCA

Generating leads is not as simple as you think. It usually undergoes a thorough process to collate all the information and have quality leads for businesses. The same goes for MCA leads; most lead generators collate data from various channels to develop a comprehensive database of MCA leads for lenders.

It is no secret that the merchant cash advances industry continues to skyrocket in popularity. MCA providers need to sell their offers and services to various small businesses seeking funding. However, it can also be a handful to choose which small business to grant financing to with the increasing demand. In some cases, MCA lenders also have slight difficulties convincing firms to get funding from them. This is where MCA lead generators come in.

What is an MCA, and how does it work?

A merchant cash advance or MCA is a flexible type of funding suitable for small businesses that need quick cash. In most cases, MCA lenders do not require collateral. Some even will accept borrowers with poor credit history. In terms of repayments, MCAs do not impose a specific amount. Instead, the lender will only get a percentage of the credit or debit card sales.

When the business is slow, one can expect a lower repayment amount. More importantly, MCAs can be helpful for all business expenses. Borrowers can use them for expansion, equipment purchase, payroll, rent, or electricity bills. Its easy application is evidence of its popularity.

Kinds of MCA leads

MCA leads come in various types and processes. It can be ideal to familiarize yourself with them as you explore the vast MCA industry.

Fresh leads

These leads contain the most precise information about merchants, such as loan-specific details, contact information, and business names used during the qualification process. Leads under this category can be as recent as ten days to a month old. Since these leads are real-time, lenders can immediately implement strategies to reach the prospects. The faster you get a hold of prospects, the earlier they know of your offers.

Live transfer leads

If fresh leads are quicker, you need to try live transfer leads as they are more straightforward and faster. You will not be getting leads in a file. Instead, MCA lead providers will prequalify businesses seeking funding. Once they qualify and agree to purchase MCA, the providers will connect them to the lender for more qualification, validation, and cash advance approval. Lenders can guarantee a much more efficient conversion rate with live transfer leads.

Web leads

When merchants fill out online forms and ask lenders to contact them for MCA discussions, this is where lead providers get web leads. These prospects may have consented to discuss offers with lenders, but they were also screened. In most cases, lead providers evaluate the reliability of the leads in terms of time in business, amount requested, revenue, and loan purpose. More importantly, lead generators like MasterMCA need to perform a complete transmission procedure using over sixty networks of financial portals.

Aged leads

Aged leads refer to leads that are about several weeks or a few months old. Despite their age, they are one of the more affordable and suitable leads for lenders. MCA aged leads either declined to apply for cash advances for the time being or did not respond to any marketing initiative performed by lenders. They are not typically a lost cause since lenders can still find conversion from these leads. It’s just that they have constantly reached out to them to convince them to apply for an MCA.

How to generate leads for MCA?

Ever wonder how providers generate leads for MCA? Here are some standard processes that you can note to secure MCA leads.


With how the internet influences people today, it will always be fitting to maximize its use by making a website. In most cases, websites will serve as the base for companies in marketing and sales. Additionally, more people are now turning online to search for brands and services providing the best offers.

Create web pages

Web designers can be experts in transforming a dull website into something that will appeal to and attract potential leads. They can upgrade the appearance, colors, and fonts. Besides the appeal, the website also has to connect with site visitors conveniently. Hence, the interface must also be user-friendly and easy to navigate. You do not want prospects leaving your website just because they do not know how to work their way through it.


Your target is to let your prospects get to know your offers and services more. Hence the need to create content on your website. Most prospects will look for something that will introduce them to your company. Besides introducing your MCA offers, it can also be beneficial to diversify your content and still make it relatable with the products you offer.

Providing options to chat and call

Lead prospects need to have easy access to customer service. Hence your website must also contain either a live chat, chatbot, email address, or a section where prospects can inquire and ask questions. Since customer service is another significant driver for MCA leads, you need to do good in this department. Even if these leads are not converted yet, your company needs to establish a good impression firsthand.

Social media advertising

Not everyone is fond of visiting websites. Some find it a hassle. It would help if you also extended your marketing initiative through social media advertising. Since people are more active on various social media channels, it’s better to capitalize on them. You can post multiple contents, check comments, and engage with these visitors. Additionally, you can include videos and photos to attract more potential leads.

Advertising campaigns

You can never go wrong with ads. They are a few of the more effective lead drivers. You can hire teams to run marketing initiatives for your company. Also, the ads should be strategically placed in areas and locations where there is significant traffic.

Email marketing

Like how people use emails to relay messages about work or personal agendas, email marketing also allows companies to introduce their services and products to their prospects. In some cases, businesses already create a structured email sent to potential leads. While it may take time to get responses, email marketing is a time-efficient marketing initiative since you need not visit them individually to market your business. Also, most MCA lenders use the purchased leads for their email marketing campaigns.

Cold calling

Another way to generate leads for MCA is cold calling. This is a cost-effective and time-efficient approach where agents perform outbound calls to potential leads. Most discussions and inquiries will generally start with agents asking them if their business needs quick funding. This is a straightforward approach where agents can immediately get responses from potential merchants. Answers can come in rejection or approval, so it is better to reach out to as many leads as possible for better conversion.

Simple ways how to generate leads for MCA on your own

Suppose you’re new in the MCA industry and are not yet capable of purchasing leads; here are a few basic ways to secure leads. These processes can be a handful, but you will never know their effectiveness unless you try.

  • Pull out some contact information from the address book to list the contact information of your friends, family, and colleagues. They may have businesses too that need funding, or they may know some people who seek cash advances.
  • If you do not find flipping pages a hassle, you can go over directories to find companies and individuals within your target market who need your services.
  • Make it a habit to list the contact information of your existing customers, as they, too, can be possible lead drivers. Suppose they are not comfortable in sharing personal information, you can offer benefits like discounts.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for business cards from people you will meet who are considered possible drivers for MCA leads.
  • Ad directories can also help find people with concerns where your business can offer solutions.
  • Maximize the use of social media channels

MCA leads benefits

The extensive process on how to generate leads for MCA will tell you that it plays a vital role in the success of a business. Apart from better sales and revenue, MCA leads have notable benefits.

  • Generate awareness. As you constantly reach out to merchant prospects, you introduce to them individually what offers and services you have for MCAs. There is a higher chance of prospects thinking about your brand when they need funding. The more popular your offers will be, the stronger your company’s brand reputation.
  • Boosts profit ratio and sales. You can avoid the hassle of creating your marketing strategy and entrust MCA leads to doing wonders for your business. This can also be ideal. However, with the way the leads were generated, you can be assured that only the qualified ones will go into your sales funnel. This means a higher chance of converting leads with just a call.
  • Contribute to a significant return on investment (ROI). Leads come in various types, and as you choose among them, you will only need to pay for the leads your company receives. Consequently, it will have better chances of squaring off the ROI and cost-per-lead.
  • Eyes on specific target markets. Before lead providers undergo the processes of how to generate leads for MCA, lenders will generally discuss their particular. This way, lead providers can strategically collate leads with a higher chance of buying MCAs. Most of these providers have their database, which they can organize leads according to their client’s preferences and requests.
  • Only provides the necessary details of potential leads. With the thousands of leads on the market today, you know it can be a handful for lenders to segregate them from one category to another. Also to validate whether the information provided for each lead is factual. MCA lead generators will only have the most relevant information on potential leads, like their needs and preferences.
  • More affordable than some advertisements. MCA leads can guarantee conversion on the spot, like live transfer calls. Also, fresh leads will provide lenders with businesses seeking funding as recently as days ago. These points alone are evidence that MCA leads offer a significant contribution to the lender’s sales and revenue without having to spend significantly on extravagant advertisements.


Is it beneficial to partner with a lead generator for MCA leads?

As lenders tap lead generators to manage leads for them, they can guarantee that the leads are of high quality. Most lead generators perform a specific process on how to generate leads for MCA. Additionally, these lead generators are experts in their field, capable of providing leads that can help lenders in their business. Furthermore, partnering with experts like MasterMCA eases the burden of finding leads from every source available.

Why are MCAs popular?

Merchant cash advances are flexible enough to cater to almost all sorts of businesses. Whether it’s a startup, small business, or larger, MCA lenders have something to offer. Also, they do not require collateral which is beneficial for those who do not have enough business assets to provide. More importantly, the repayments are also straightforward, and businesses only need to remit a percentage of their credit or debit card sales until they pay off the cash advance.

Are the best options on how to generate leads for MCA?

There is none. It will always depend on various factors like the budget. Yes, MCA leads are affordable, but lenders still need to spend some money to purchase leads. And for startups and small businesses, it can already become a significant amount. Choosing the best option will also rely on the purpose of getting leads. This is why most lead generator companies need to discuss with lenders their specifications so they can provide better options for the lender’s businesses to grow.