How Can I Find Leads for My Business

If you want to meet your sales targets and increase revenue year on year, you can’t afford to keep pitching your product to the same customers and expect the financial fortunes of your business to change. On one hand, your current customer pool may be overutilized; on the other hand, many of your customers may no longer have any need for what you have to offer. This is why “how can I find leads for my business” is a question that’s always in the mind of visionary leaders.

For your business to continue to experience growth, the need to target new leads cannot be overemphasized. Herein lies the need to come up with a strategy that will help you identify leads wherever they may be and pitch your product to them before your competitors do.

Below, we explore the value of business leads and how important they are to business success.

What Are Business Leads?

Business leads can also be called sales leads. A lead is a person who has the potential to be a client or customer. If you sell a product and a person somewhere has a need for what you are selling and may buy that product from you or a competitor in the nearest future, such a person can be categorized as a lead.

Over the years, businesses have used different strategies to get leads. Before the age of the internet, leads were obtained through trade shows, direct mailings, advertising, etc. While some of these strategies are still at play today, the internet has changed the dynamics of lead generation.

Today, businesses hunt for new leads using online data mined by lead generation platforms like MasterMCA.

One distinction we need to make at this point is that a business or sales lead is not a prospect in its truest sense. The lead generation platform may deliver leads to a business but the responsibility to turn the lead into a prospect is down to the business and its marketing team.

Why is it important to find business leads?

Many businesses underestimate the value of business leads but they are making a big mistake. Before you answer the question of ‘how can I find leads for my business’, you should know why it is important to do so. Let’s look at some critical reasons why business leads are important and what could happen to your business if you don’t create new leads as often as possible.

Your business will stagnate without new leads

Without new leads, your business is likely going to stagnate. This risk applies to both B2C and B2B businesses. If your business depends on dealing with new customers, maybe because your products have a long-term utility, failure to find new leads is a recipe for disaster. Finding new leads will ensure that you have new prospects to market your products to.

Your revenue may dwindle without new leads

If your business serves as a contracting outfit for other businesses and you are on retainer your revenue may not be affected but if you sell products directly to final users you may begin to witness dwindling revenues if you can’t track down new users or buyers for your product. Your revenue is tied to your sales margin; without new sales, your enterprise will not earn revenue.

Low visibility without new leads

Business leads are important because, without them, your visibility will dwindle. The good thing about business leads is that even if some of the leads you contact don’t buy from you, they already know about your brand and that can only be a good thing. If you keep sending direct emails to leads you get, your brand is gradually building a digital footprint across the internet. In the not too distant future, these efforts will begin to bear organic results.

Without business leads your business will not thrive as it ought to. Your revenues will suffer and experience low visibility in light of what your competitors are doing.

How can I find new leads for my business?

Now that you know why it is so important to find leads for my business and the consequences of failing to do so, let us now review some trusted ways to generate business leads from multiple sources. Not all the sources here may work for you but if you combine a few of them, your business should be able to generate enough leads to keep your sales funnel full all year round.

Direct Contact

Direct Contact is probably the oldest method of a lewd generation known to business managers. This method works but it takes a lot of painstaking effort with different degrees of success. If you sell an extremely expensive product or offer a pricey service, this is perhaps the most productive way to find leads for my business. It involves the seller directly engaging the prospect and evaluating their ability and interest during the conversation.
Direct contact can also be done over the internet, through phone calls or emails. It takes a lot of effort but can be very effective. However, this method is not ideal for products with low-profit margins per unit of sales.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals. The users of this platform are business minded which makes it a very good source to generate leads for products and services used by professionals in their respective fields. LinkedIn is a great place to generate leads if you operate a B2B business. The platform offers users recommended connections that they will see.

Let’s assume you sell vacuum cleaners and you’ve pitched your product to a professional cleaning company. LinkedIn will recommend the pages of other cleaning companies which you can also pitch to. The way the site is structured also makes it easy to generate leads with your ads. You can also include forms in your ads to make it easy for interested prospects to sign up.

Paid Ads

Another way smart business owners have been generating leads on the internet is by using paid Ads. With so many social media platforms in use today, the possibilities for generating new leads are endless. Besides Google paid Ads, you can publish ads on Facebook, Bing, TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat and any other platform you can imagine.

All you need is to do your homework to identify which platform your potential customers use more often and target them on such platforms with paid Ads. If you link the ads to your website, your site will get a lot of traffic.

To convert them into leads you can include a form to get their names and emails which you can then target with direct messages afterwards. Paid Ads have the potential to help your business generate a lot of leads.


The use of referrals is an agelong tactic to find leads for my business. Referrals can be used in two diff ways. One way is to ask new or old customers to refer your brand to a known associate who may have a need for your product or service. This method works for higher priced products.

The second method is to create a reward system where you offer incentives to customers who refer new prospects who eventually do business with you. This method is best for business models that require a lot of sales. For every customer referred to your business by an existing customer, they get a certain percentage of the money paid for the product by the new customer.

Many online businesses have used referrals to raise their customer base and you can do the same.

Write SEO Blogs and Guest Posts

The SEO trend was popularized by Google to help forms gain better visibility on the internet. Search engine optimization works with the use of keywords placed in strategic parts of the blog or the post to drive traffic to the content owner’s website. For instance, if you are in the business of offering loans to small businesses, you can use your website to publish blogs about how to find cost-effective business loans and other related topics to help businesses grow.

Infusing the right keywords into your content will help drive traffic to businesses looking for loans to borrow. When they come to your website they will discover that you offer a loan service and will be convinced to do business with you because your brand is authentic.

SEO posts help your brand from business connections on the internet, increase your digital footprint and generate relevant traffic. Another good thing about using optimized blogs is that they help your website rank high in search engines. People searching for related terms will see your website without even searching for it directly. The key is to know how to choose and use the right keywords correctly.

Benefits of Business Leads

How can I find leads for my business is a question that has been answered in the previous section. Below, we discuss some of the benefits of generating business leads.

A large pool of potential customers

The main benefit of generating business leads is that you will never run out of potential customers to sell to. Having access to a large pool of leads increases your chances of making a sale.

Your sales team will always be engaged

Many managers complain that at certain times of the year their sales team is either partly or completely inactive. With an effective lead generation strategy, your sales team will always be engaged as there will be new leads to track everyday.

Increased Sales and Profits

More leads increase your chances of making a sale and more sales lead to increased profit. Simply put, the most successful businesses are those that sell more. If you want to increase your sales margin you need to devise a strategy that will help you identify potential customers before your competitors do

Validate Your Brand

If you keep generating new leads and you work with them, your brand will be validated in the eye of the buying public and that can only be a good thing. Nothing beats the value of a strong brand.


If you would like to keep your sales funnel full and your sales team active, the best strategy is to delegate the lead generation responsibility to a trusted external team while your sales team focuses on engaging leads directly. At MasterMCA, we have perfected the art of business lead generation and can help you grow your business by supplying quality leads that your team can convert into customers.

Our lead generation APIs are first class and churn out new leads every single time. Contact us today and let us provide you with the leads that will catapult your brand to the stratosphere of success. We’ve done it for others and will do it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my business need new leads?

Yes, every business needs new leads in order to grow and to maintain its market position.

Can software generated leads be trusted?

Yes, they can be trusted. Software generated leads are generated using the browsing and purchase patterns of internet users and they are of high quality.

Why do many business owners use software generated leads like the ones generated by MasterMCA?

They use them because date based leads generated by the software are mined in large amounts. This gives them a limitless supply of leads to work on.

Which type of businesses can use business leads?

Any B2B or B2C business can use business leads.

How can I find leads for my business?

You can find leads using paid Ads, publishing SEO blog posts, using referrals or contracting API lead generation experts to generate leads for you.