Business to Business Leads

The successful operation of your business depends largely on the volume and quality of traffic that goes to your website. In order to ensure the smooth and steady flow of traffic, you need to keep your lead funnel full at all times. And to accomplish this properly on your own, you might have to exert a considerable amount of time and effort, which is all worth it when you think of how much this can boost your revenue. Of course, there is also the other option of just getting all your business to business leads from a trusted lead provider. As a matter of fact, many business owners agree that the latter is the more efficient and more effective method, but we will get more into that later.

Understanding Business to Business Leads

Before we go any further, let us first talk about what business to business leads are and why they are important for growing your business. Business to business or B2B as it is usually called is simply a transaction between two businesses. So if you are a lender or a broker or a funder, then the B2B leads you are looking for are those entities that are seeking funds for growing their own business. In other words, these are companies or organizations that are in need of the kind of funding that you provide.

As a lender, you want to be able to find these leads so that you can approach them and offer them your services and products. If they avail your offer and make a purchase, then your lead has just become your client and you have just generated another sale for your business.

Effective Strategies for Generating Business to Business Leads

Business to business leads generation is not always as easy as it seems. Naturally, your ultimate goal is to acquire a new account or to close a deal with a new client. Technically, every business out there is a potential client. But you simply can’t go out there and offer your products or services to all of these businesses and expect to make a sale. This is why the process of generating leads is very important.

With business to business leads generation, you should be able to identify which businesses are more likely to need, be interested in, or benefit from the services and products that you are offering. There are a few different kinds of strategies that can be used to generate business leads. Some of these strategies most small businesses can manage on their own, while others will require the services of a professional lead generator in order to produce significant results.

Content Marketing

Creating content that is attractive or helpful to your target market is a very strong way to generate business leads. This strategy includes blogging, posting comments on other company’s blogs, publishing case studies, and just about anything that involves putting out relevant content.

If you do it properly, quality content will not only increase the value of your site or blog, but it can also generate a considerable number of leads. You can do this by putting a simple form on your pages or directing visitors to a landing page that will collect their contact details. Just like that, you can effectively generate quality leads from businesses that are already interested in your products or services, to begin with.


If a client really likes what you are selling, they will happily refer you to others that are in need of your products or services. But instead of just hoping that they will spread the word about your business, why not encourage them to do so through a referral program? They will be more likely to tell their friends and associates about your business if there is something in it for them. It could be anything from a small discount when their referral signs up, or a freebie or money-back offer on their next purchase from your website. In any case, a nice referral program can give you a steady stream of business to business leads and keep your lead funnel well fed at all times.

Email Marketing

Many think the email era is coming to a close but the truth is that email marketing is still a very effective strategy for generating business leads. There are many ways to implement a successful email marketing campaign to generate leads. One tried and tested strategy is to get a potential client’s email address by offering a free product or download in exchange. Once you have their email address, immediately send a welcoming message and gradually introduce your main product or service in subsequent emails. If you are able to maintain their interest, there’s a very good chance that they will end up becoming a paying customer.

Social Media Marketing

No kind of marketing will be complete without the use of social media, and business lead generation is no exemption. Most businesses today are on multiple social media platforms. If you want your business to be known to them and attract them as potential clients, you should also build a strong social media presence. You can attract organic leads by making posts that are relevant and interesting to your target businesses. At the same time, you can also obtain leads through paid social media ads, which can reach a very wide audience.

Live Chat

A live chat window is an easy but effective way to directly communicate with potential customers as soon as they visit your site. If they have any questions, you can provide the answers right then and there instead of having them fill out a form or send an email that you will reply to sometime in the future. Studies show that 63% of visitors will return to a website that comes with a live chat feature. Live chat greatly increases a visitor’s engagement, and makes them more likely to make a purchase.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is something that online marketers take very seriously for the simple reason that it is very effective in generating business to business leads. By making sure your site is optimized through sufficient SEO efforts, your business will soon show up more frequently on search engines.

Of course, the quality of your content should remain a top priority but you should also be conscious of things like inserting strategic keywords, creating effective titles, following the recommended length for posts, inserting relevant internal links, and so on. All these seemingly small and tedious processes are extremely effective in generating leads for your business, and they don’t even cost anything.

Partner with a Professional Lead Provider

Some companies have all the necessary resources and logistics to embark on a full-scale lead generation campaign. However, this is not the case for many small and medium business owners. Thus, the more practical approach is to hire the services of a professional lead provider, like MasterMCA.

Here at MasterMCA, we have perfected the lead generation strategies that ensure our clients will always get exactly the kinds of leads that they are looking for. If business to business leads are what you need, we guarantee that you will get as many as you need to keep your funnel full and to keep your business ahead of the competition at all times.

Availing lead generation services will definitely cost you some money, unlike some of the other strategies mentioned above that are completely free. But if you choose your provider carefully, the money you put out will all be worth it. At MasterMCA, for instance, there will be no guesswork involved because our methods have been tried and tested through the years. We guarantee that all the leads we provide will be unique, organic and fresh.

What to Do with the Business Leads That You Have Generated

So now that you have a regular stream of leads coming in thanks to your chosen strategies, what’s next? You might be eager to approach each of these leads and make a sales pitch, and that kind of enthusiasm is certainly good for business. However, there are a few steps that you need to take first in order to increase your chances of closing a deal.


No matter how great the lead generation system is used, there will always be those that are not an ideal fit for your products or services. You want to first set these leads aside and focus on those that are ready to avail the solutions you are offering.


Once you have identified your qualified leads, you will then need to score them according to their likelihood of actually making a purchase. The ones with the highest score should be the focus of your sales representatives as they are the businesses that are most likely to become actual clients.


The method of distributing leads to sales representatives can vary from company to company. This can be automated, or you can assign a specific representative for a particular product. Some companies also do a rotation. Whichever works for you should be fine, as long as all the leads are eventually distributed and addressed.

Follow Up

Most of the time, a lead will not make a purchase immediately after the first or second time that you approach them. Business to business leads, in particular, might stay a while in your sales funnel before they become actual clients. They can be very busy or have a lot of other matters to attend to so it is understandable that they will not jump at your offer right away. This is why a follow up system should be implemented for every lead that you generate. According to studies, most businesses only respond to an offer after 5 or even more attempts have been made to make a sale.

FAQ about Business to Business Leads

What are business to business leads?

These are businesses that are in need of the funding that you provide. They are potential clients that you can tap once you are able to identify them.

How much does it cost per lead?

The average cost per lead varies widely depending on the industry, the methods of lead generation used, the size of the company, and the particular lead provider, among many other factors. In the industry of finance, the average cost per lead is about $160. We offer very competitive prices for our leads here at MasterMCA.

How many leads should I buy?

Buying too few leads might not be of much help in increasing your company’s revenues. On the other hand, buying too many might give you more leads than you can handle, essentially causing you to overspend. To figure out just how many leads you should buy, there are several factors to analyze such as your targeted revenue, your average sales price, your opportunity to sale ratio, and so on.

When do I get the leads that I buy?

The delivery of leads will depend on the type of leads that you buy. Some of our leads can be delivered within the day that you purchase them, while others will take up to 5 business days. As much as possible, we implement real-time transfers of qualified leads so that you can expedite the process of making sales.

What kinds of industries do your business to business leads come from?

We cover a wide range of industries when generating leads for our clients. Many of our business leads come from the areas of manufacturing, healthcare, transport, electronics, food, telecommunications, hospitality and many more.

What makes MasterMCA different from other lead providers?

MasterMCA makes use of the most advanced lead generation systems to ensure that you get only the most qualified leads in real-time which will keep your lead funnel full and enable you to make the most of your business operations.

If you are in search of top quality business to business leads, you can trust that MasterMCA can definitely deliver. Just tell us exactly what you are looking for and the leads will soon be right at your doorstep.