Business Lead Lists

One of the fastest ways to boost a company’s growth is to include business lead lists in the marketing campaign. Utilizing this tactic in addition to organic approaches like search engine optimization (SEO) and sales funnels can help you reach your goals faster.

According to surveys, about 68% of businesses struggle with lead generation. It’s a tricky task that requires patience and expertise, especially since it uses a full stack of marketing stools to achieve. Cold calling and waiting for your luck to kick in is not enough in the current market. You should be proactive in acquiring prospects, and a leads list can become the key.

When you’re thinking of purchasing a list of qualified leads, MasterMCA can provide well-researched data for you. Our team of lead generation specialists can make a difference in your sales, leveraging every available opportunity to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

What is a business lead?

Every company big or small needs to continually find and nurture customers to ensure its growth. It’s easy to verbalize this goal, but doing the work is an entirely different story. Many businesses struggle with expanding their customer base because of stiff competition. While you’re reading this article, your competitors are out there nabbing leads that could otherwise be yours.

A business lead refers to any entity or owner indicating their interest in financing products and services. Typically, lead experts build these business lead lists after the merchant submits their information for a trial, inquiry, or subscription. It’s a great alternative to traditional cold calling, wherein you can’t get a guarantee that they will talk to you, let alone answer the call.

For example, a user takes a short online survey related to business loans. They can receive an email a day or so later with a call to action that leads them closer to a lending agency. It’s less intrusive than getting a random call from a number they don’t know.

Getting business leads is advantageous for you as the lender since you can customize your communications based on the information these leads give. It can help you identify their pain points and provide a solution for them.

What is lead generation?

The process of putting together business lead lists involves lead generation. It is a cycle of strategies that aim to attract prospects and nurture their interest, ultimately converting them into your customers.

Lead generation is an essential component of sales-led campaigns. Without leads, your sales funnel has practically little to no use for your business. Whenever you find someone showing even the slightest interest in your products, the next step is to build a connection with them. You can then work on growing the relationship organically, guiding them to a buying decision.

There are several ways to generate leads, and a good lead generation firm utilizes more than one strategy to maximize the results. The top choice includes online content, whether via form submissions or ads. Blog posts, live events, and coupons are other ways used by experts.

Process of generating leads

Each business lead provider has varying methods and practices in lead generation. Here are some common steps to take when going about this process.

Circulating the offer

The specialist starts generating the business lead lists by choosing the right channels where your preferred clients frequent. Other than traditional means like posters or mail, many marketers opt for digital strategies like websites or emails. The key is to select the best platforms to kickstart your lead generation campaign.

Attracting the leads

More than displaying your financing deals, an effective lead generation campaign uses tactics that grab the attention of your prospects. It requires a unique approach that set your brand apart from your strongest competitors. Attracting leads goes beyond presenting your product or service; you should demonstrate how you’re the better choice in the market.


Now, not everyone who showed their interest in your offers is qualified to obtain them. This step in the lead generation process involves segregating the collected data to determine which leads are valuable to your financing agency. The lead provider will perform screening procedures to ensure that the prospects meet your criteria.


The qualified leads are interested in your product and capable of managing debt. What’s next? The intercepting agent performs a validation process to select the most relevant prospects that fit your preferred clientele. You can usher these validated leads into your sales funnel since they are ready to receive quick funding from your lending agency.

Matching leads to the lender

The filtered and validated bunch are then sent to you so that you can start pitching your product. These leads are high-quality, which means that your sales team can immediately guide them toward the buying phase. It’s a win-win situation for you and the client!

Why are business lead lists important?

Leads hold power over any enterprise because they can spell success for you. It’s an investment you should seriously consider if you want to grow your business. You can have a hefty budget for your marketing campaigns but if you lack leads, your efforts may go to waste.

It’s a two-way street when doing business with your qualified leads. Your prospects can benefit from your quick financing products, and you can potentially boost your revenue because of them. However, there’s no shortcut—you must convert leads into customers successfully. They should know that you’re ready to assist them in resolving their financial woes.

Before any of your dealings take place, you should be sure that you have the most valuable leads for your business. How do you know that your prospects qualify for your offers? Buying business lead lists is the answer.

Benefits of purchasing business leads

Buying business leads is a popular sales management practice that helps you save time, effort, and money by technically outsourcing some aspects of your lead generation campaign. Although it comes with a price, paying for leads has several advantages for your business.

  • Quickly acquire leads. Buying business leads shortens the lead generation process. You can immediately receive a list of interested merchants who want quick access to money, which your lending firm can satisfactorily provide.
  • Acquire a healthy number of leads. An expert lead generation specialist uses scraping, screening, and validation tools along large databases and sources to find high-quality leads. You can have access to several prospects with all the necessary information you need when you buy this list.
  • Filtered list. The highly advanced technologies and expertise utilized by lead providers allow them to provide leads that match your criteria. These filters ensure that you are doing business with merchants who are actively seeking your products and services.

When to buy lead lists

You might have done your research online with articles telling you not to purchase a lead list. They will say it’s costly, risky, and inaccurate. However, not all organic lead generation strategies work. Sometimes, you need a little push to kickstart your company’s growth.

Business lead lists offer an opportunity for you to proactively meet your future clients. Why should you sit around and wait for miracles to happen when you can take the step to reach your goals faster?

When buying a lead list, here are some useful tips you should keep in mind to make the most value out of your investment.

Know your targets

The first and most vital thing to remember is to purchase a lead list comprising qualified prospects who want your offer. For example, you can purchase live transfer leads if you want a real-time list of would-be clients who are ready to receive quick funds from your lending company. They undergo screening and validation, meaning they are owners who pass your criteria.
A good lead specialist can assist you in researching your ideal prospects if you don’t have a clear picture of them yet. Through ranking and research, you can see what demographic and psychographic factors equate to more profitability for your business.

Set your budget

Leads are owners and borrowing businesses, and as such are unique. No two leads are the same, which is why you have options for the type of leads you’re willing to work with. Live transfer leads are generally costlier since they are given to you fresh off the market.
However, if you are working on a tight budget, aged trigger leads are a good option for you. These data include prospects who have experience with financing agencies. They know how the process works and are therefore easy to get on board.

Test your list

Once you receive business lead lists, you can check the validity of the contact information. You can take a small portion of your list and try calling or messaging the business. You can then see if the list comprises leads who genuinely seek your products and services.

Pick the right lead vendor

Not all lead generation specialists can produce a well-researched list for you. Before you say yes to their deal, you can research the company first. You can carefully check their website and read reviews to get insight into how the vendor works. You can also submit an inquiry or talk to their rep to get answers about their lead list services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get business leads?

There are organic ways to create a leads list for your company. However, it takes time and effort to curate a list of your prospects since the screening, validation, and relationship building are easier said than done. If you want to save money and time in the long run, you can buy a leads list from a reputable lead list provider like MasterMCA.

Are leads worth it?

If your business’ main goal is to increase sales, lead generation is worth the price. It’s one of the two ways to grow your company, which includes introducing a new product line or offering complementary services. With lead generation, you add more customers guiding a prospect into your sales funnel until you close the deal.

Are leads classified under sales or marketing?

Lead generation applies to both the sales and marketing arms of your business. It’s a cycle that takes a would-be client through the sales pitch, which can eventually convert them into paying customers. That is why gathering leads is a crucial part of your business.

How are qualified leads generated?

MasterMCA has a tested and proven process that utilizes a series of contacts with the leads. These steps ensure that a connection with the right prospects is made before we transfer them to your sales team.

Can qualified leads guarantee a close?

Closing the deal is up to how well your sales team performs their tasks. However, qualified leads are more than likely to say yes to your offer since they meet the qualifying factors you prefer. They are also intent on getting quick funding for their enterprise, which means you have a huge chance of being the lender they choose.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies from one provider to the next. The average cost per lead can also depend on the industry. For example, buying a leads list for financial services is more expensive than those for media and publishing. You can learn more about the prices by asking MasterMCA about our lead generation deals.

Is it a hands-off solution?

When you work with us, you can enjoy little to no effort in gathering data for your qualified leads. You can expect to receive a thoroughly prepared leads list within the turnaround time that we promise.

The verdict

There’s no question about the worth of business lead lists, and why you must seriously consider purchasing them for your business. MasterMCA can deliver the best lists in the market thanks to our experts’ dedication to providing optimized results for you. With this article, our experts hope to help you decide whether buying business leads is a worthwhile decision for your company (and it surely is!).