Business Cash Advance Leads

These days, it’s ideal to acquire surefire business cash advance leads rather than chasing cold trails. If you are a financing agency, chances are you met roadblocks in the form of gatekeepers and unresponsive merchants. It is crucial to connect with businesses that actively seek alternative financing providers like you.

The rapid changes in the market inevitably prompt business owners to obtain working capital quickly. You can be the one to provide what they need through a merchant cash advance. How is this possible? You must get to the leads before your competitors do.

MasterMCA can help you find borrowing businesses that are more than likely to close a deal with you. Our MCA leads can give you access to qualified merchants that are searching for quick working capital in the US.

What are business cash advance leads?

Merchant cash advance leads are exclusive leads seeking fast access to money. These borrowing businesses are actively exploring options for non-bank financing. That means you will benefit from identifying these leads that are soon to become qualified prospects.

It is advantageous for your financing agency to acquire business cash advance leads. The owners included in the list have shown interest in loan programs and are ready to receive quick funding. This process takes the guesswork out of the equation since the leads already did the necessary preparations to get the capital they need.

Most of the leads generated through MasterMCA’s tested and proven process are familiar with how cash advance programs work. Therefore, it can greatly cut the work, effort, and pressure on your sales team. These MCA leads pass certain quality checks, which are several (or all) of the following:

  • No bankruptcy filed
  • No negative dates
  • Regular deposit to their business bank account
  • Operating in business for at least one year
  • No legal or tax issues

These leads allow cash advance providers to innovate the way they get clients onboard. Time is of the essence in any business, and it’s a wise decision for lending agencies to secure clients fast before they lose out to the competition. These leads are the best and fastest solution to these issues.

How do MCA leads work?

While there are plenty of businesses out there that want additional financing, not everyone has the capacity through the process of borrowing money. For that reason, some lenders find it challenging to find borrowers that are ready to get to the next step.

MCA leads generally reduce the effort of scouting for leads that can become potential prospects. This difficult task is technically given a shortcut, allowing lenders to bring customers directly to their funding table.

These leads are gathered typically through a massive lead generation engine. There is an effective lead model to follow, pinpointing the most valid prospects for cash advance funding. It takes strategic marketing and analysis of relevant merchants to deliver high-quality leads that lenders can immediately use to bolster their sales funnel.

The process

While the acquisition of cash advance leads varies from one specialist to another. However, here is a quick look at an efficient lead cycle for cash advance borrowers.

Circulating the offer

Lead generation services start by finding the right channels to reach qualified prospects effectively. They are introduced to cash advance offers via a website or email. Some providers even use conventional means like postal services or flyers.
It is the lead generation firm’s job to ensure that the deals are visible and accessible to a wide range of businesses. Experts also explore other methods of reaching the most relevant audience for MCAs. The key is to provide a quick and convenient way to connect businesses to the right lender.

Attracting leads

Simply showing an offer to a prospective client isn’t enough to give you an edge over your fellow cash advance providers. It’s crucial to attract leads to your offer. They should find all the reasons to choose your services over other similar deals in the market.

An efficient lead generation approach urges qualified prospects to submit an inquiry or request for a quote. This simple process is a quick ticket to finding merchants relevant to your business.

Filtering the list

The truth is that not everyone who lodges a request will become your client. Certain inquiries don’t necessarily equate to needing a cash advance. Sometimes, these owners only want to determine whether they can afford a debt or not.

How can you filter through all the inquiries, then? A tried and tested screening process is the best solution. This step often involves using technologies that distinguish those that are ready to receive funding. These leads are in a generally good disposition to manage debt.

Validating the lead

After screening relevant leads for cash advance programs, the next step is to perform a thorough validation of these prospects. Performed by an intercepting agent, this method further distinguishes the most valuable leads that fit your requirements.

Our experts follow a rigorous process of pinpointing qualified businesses that are perceptive to a conversion cycle. This way, the lender can usher these prospective clients into their sales funnel easily and successfully provide the funding needed by the borrower.

Matching leads to the right lender

After validating the business cash advance leads, they are then forwarded to the best lender they match with. These prospects are pre-qualified and therefore proven to be excellent candidates for an MCA. Once you receive these leads, you only ever need to get them to say yes to your product and close the deal.

What are the different MCA leads?

Depending on the lead generation firm, you can avail yourself of these products related to merchant cash advances.


Complete submissions include merchants who filled out a business loan application. These leads include valuable information like their contact details, revenue, time in business, and existing loans if there are any.

Live transfer leads

Often, the businesses that need quick funding are already online and searching for the most suitable lending agency for them. Live transfer leads allow you to acquire prospects in real-time and exclusively. They are merchants that pass credibility checks and actively seek funding for their business.

Aged trigger data

Aged MCA leads connects you with companies that have prior inquiries on cash advances and other business loan programs. This list is a budget-friendly way of finding merchants who once showed interest in MCAs.
In most cases, these leads experienced having their credit information pulled for financing purposes. Through aged trigger data, you can obtain information like the business name and owner, phone number, industry type, physical address, SIC code, and the date when the credit profile was checked.

Merchant cash advance leads

MCA leads meet the standards and criteria for cash advance programs. These leads are businesses that have been screened and verified by specialists thoroughly. You can connect with these qualified merchants thanks to strongly pitched calls, emails, and industry partnerships provided by the lead generation firm.

Email list

The lending sector also benefits from well-strategized email marketing campaigns. It’s a cost-effective approach to finding prospects and clients. If your marketing team makes use of this effective strategy, you can target the right people with the right email list.

Accuracy is a crucial factor in email marketing. You must send the right content to relevant business cash advance leads. Otherwise, you might end up with disinterested recipients and unread emails. An excellent lead generation agency has the best machinery to gather an emailing list of the best MCA leads for your business.

SMS outreach list

Target SMS outreach data helps you avoid gatekeepers and cold call drops during your sales pitch. This data set provides you with a direct way of contacting your prospective clients. This list allows you to send text messages to merchants interested in your cash advance offers.

Enhanced UCC list

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing involves a legal document called a lien, which states that the lender has the right to seize the borrower’s collateral if they fail to repay the debt. The UCC list can show you the businesses that know how loan programs work. These borrowers are already familiar with the process and understand the pros and cons of MCAs.

Benefits of investing in MCA leads

Is it smart to invest in MCA leads? You can take advantage of these benefits when you choose to acquire the best leads from MasterMCA.

Cost-effective strategy

No matter the size and nature of your financing business, there is always a suitable lead generation service that matches your budget and current needs. For instance, you can purchase aged leads if you want an affordable option. If you want less competition, live transfers and appointment-setting leads are the most ideal choices for you.

Better conversion ratio

MasterMCA assists you in grabbing leads using tailored plans and schemes that fit your business. This customized approach to lead generation can help you improve your conversion ratio. When you target the right leads, you can easily start their buying journey since they already have the willingness to apply for a cash advance program that you offer.

Greater return on investment (ROI)

Once you acquire MCA leads, you know that these merchants seriously consider applying for a cash advance. Therefore, every lead you acquire has a high chance of getting converted into a client. It can mean higher ROI for your business if you incorporate it into your digital marketing campaign. You have better opportunities of landing a sale with MCA leads!

Growth opportunity

There are many types of MCA leads to explore that can help you boost your company’s growth. You don’t necessarily have to spend plenty of money for it—simply having a dependable MCA leads provider can mean better production and higher conversion ratios for you.

Save time and money

Acquiring high-quality leads can mean more savings on money and time. While it’s not impossible to gather leads on your own, building a well-structured campaign can take weeks and even months to design. If you have MCA leads, you can focus on other core marketing strategies and allocate your precious time to closing deals with your prospects.

Generating robust MCA leads

It’s no easy task to build a lead cycle that’s effective and relevant for your business. You need a leading specialist like MasterMCA to ensure that your time and effort are spent wisely on qualified merchants. Here are some key practices that a competitive lead generation firm does to give you high-quality leads.

Focusing on a specific market segment

Naturally, you want to create a lasting impression in your niche. Not targeting the right people, however, can have all your tactics go to waste. An effective way of implementing your marketing strategies is to focus on one segment rather than dealing with them all at once.

Getting more clients does not only mean putting up ads and sending traffic to your landing page. These strategies can get you leads, but are they valuable enough to matter to you? Not all your site visitors will convert into clients. Therefore, choosing the most suitable MCA leads and shaping a sales funnel that prioritizes them is a smart move.

You don’t need to worry about ‘losing opportunity’ by targeting a smaller segment of your market. If you approach it rightly, this trick can help you land more successful deals. For example, you can entice owners that are specifically looking for short-term loans for emergency use.

Choosing words wisely

Gathering MCA leads involves creating content that appeals to the target audience. Having this in mind, a lead generation specialist should know how to craft a sales letter that’s engaging and provides a solution to their problem. If your target segment is those businesses with little to no credit history, the content needs to entice them to seek your services regardless of their credit rating.

Most borrowers searching on the Internet want lenders that can fund them quickly and with no fuss. Once they become aware of your service, they are more likely to act by sending an inquiry or request for a quote.

Tying everything together

Other lead generation agencies would stop caring about you once they send the business cash advance leads as promised. However, you deserve a team that offers a customized lead flow specific to your business. Not all lenders operate the same, which is why your lead generation specialist should know how to deliver results that meet your criteria.

For example, if your company has its call center, the MCA leads provider must create a campaign that ties up directly to your sales team. Otherwise, you can avail yourself of the entire pre-qualification process to save your time and optimize your workflow.

Driving traffic

You probably already know how site traffic is a simple concept with complex ways to succeed. As said, having plenty of visitors on your landing page does not mean they are going to be your paying clients. You can spend thousands on website development but if your prospects aren’t aware of your online presence, your lead conversion tactics can be all for nothing.

Have you heard of waste circulation? It means failing to reach your target audience because you are using the wrong channels for your marketing strategies. Your paid ads can burn a hole in your pocket if they are placed on irrelevant platforms.

You should partner with a lead generation firm like MasterMCA that understands how to reel in potential customers for lenders. This way, you can spend money on leads that actively seek cash advance offers. There’s a lot out there—you just have to know where to look.


Retargeting ads is a well-known strategy in digital marketing. This tactic involves curating a campaign specifically for merchants that once showed interest in cash advance services but never followed through with the deal. A good lead generation specialist uses technologies and tactics that retarget hot leads.

It’s possible to fully automate this process, allowing you to find merchants who have clicked ads and pages related to MCAs. It is a cost-effective strategy that leverages different channels to give you relevant leads for your cash advance products.

Call to action

An effective MCA lead generation involves a consistent message and call-to-action across all platforms and materials. No matter what the lender’s preferred outcomes are, a call-to-action should always be clearly stated in the content.

Some of the most used CTAs include a “Contact us” link that lets the leads talk to a sales agent. Request for a quote is also a common call-to-action for an MCA lead generation campaign. Liking and sharing information is also a popular CTA that boosts the strategy.


Another effective way to generate leads is gaining referrals from satisfied clients. People value recommendations given by friends, family members, and even acquaintances. When a client speaks about how reliable your financing company is, other people looking for cash advance deals might be swayed to check your offers.

It’s ideal to secure referrals from your loyal clients since they have first-hand experience with your services. Their testament can become valuable for your MCA lead campaign.

Free reports

A good lead generation specialist provides clients with sound reports that you can use to boost other marketing strategies. It takes more than the traditional ad sales, however; you can benefit from educational information like e-books, vlogs, or case studies. These pieces of content can deepen your understanding of MCA leads and how best to utilize them.

Finding the right lead generation specialist

Generating high-quality business cash advance leads takes expertise, experience, and dedication from specialists who know the ins and outs of the industry. The market is teeming with lead generation firms with competitive rates and impressive track records. How, then, can you distinguish the best team for you?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing your MCA leads partner.

Safety net filters

When selecting an MCA leads provider, you should take note of the variety of business cash advance leads they offer to their clients. Some agencies only provide an unfiltered list, which means some of those leads may not be who you’re looking for.

Before you collaborate with a lead generation specialist, make sure that they have a robust screening and verification process in place. The provider must be capable of meeting your unique criteria for MCA leads.

Exclusive leads

Lead experts should offer exclusivity to lenders who don’t mind paying more for it. It’s a great indicator of how competitive the cash advance leads provider is, particularly since there are many other lead generation firms out there.

With exclusive leads, you can confidently pitch your deals to prospects and create a tailored strategy to get them on board.


A reliable lead generation agency is fully aware of the compliance requirements related to lead generation. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Do-Not-Call (DNC) Implementation Act regulate various aspects of telemarketing, which is a strategy in MCA leads, too. These laws give consumers the right to formally complain if they feel aggravated by sales calls.

MasterMCA has stringent practices that comply with these regulations to deliver business cash advance leads that meet industry standards. The compliance feature ensures that your privacy and that of your prospects are protected throughout the process.

SubID tracking

A SubID is a tag attached to the end of your affiliate links, which helps track their performance. This identifier allows you to differentiate which links do not convert well and which ones do. The data can reveal non-performing traffic sources of your lead generation campaign. Through this information, you can allocate your budget to sources that provide better conversion ratios.

No-fuss signup

A partner leads specialist worth choosing should make the process convenient for you. There’s no room for complicated signups with long-term contracts and add-on purchases. A good leads specialist understands that time is money, and giving you quick, no-fuss access to MCA leads is a top priority.


When choosing MCA lead generation services, you must find out how long the agency has been in the trade. A firm boasting several years of experience is generally more qualified to provide top-notch leads that suit your company’s needs. These MCA providers have the resources and technology to elevate your numbers and support your goals.

How to attract more leads

Highlighting the advantages of merchant cash advances in any lead generation strategy helps to capture the attention of merchants who need working capital fast. Here are some important points to include when designing the MCA campaign for you.

Easy application and approval

Your clients want to know that they can have immediate funding as soon as they meet your requirements. They want an application process that isn’t time-consuming. The form should take only minutes to fill out along with a fast response in a matter of days. You can include funding speed as an attractive point for your marketing strategy.

No grave impact on your credit report

Unlike other loan programs, merchant cash advances do not necessarily show up on your credit report. It’s one of the reasons that can pull qualified leads to your offer. You can capitalize on this benefit to guide your leads towards conversion.

No collateral

Merchant cash advances do not require collateral to secure them. That means you don’t need to pledge any commercial or personal asset to get approved. Your clients will shoulder no asset risk if they choose to avail themselves of your cash advance products.

Flexible spending

MCAs are some of the most flexible solutions for business owners who need money for an immediate expense. There are generally no restrictions on how the customer can spend a cash advance as long as it’s business-related. It’s a strong selling point for MCAs that you can leverage for your campaign.

Lead Packages

Business cash advance leads can have varied prices depending on the package. Every provider will also have different inclusions for their services. Here is a general overview of the features of the different types of MCA leads from a reputable lead generation agency.

Exclusivity Filters UCC data Minimum revenue Email verified Phone validated Credit score TCPA & DNC validation
Live transfer Yes $10K+ deposits Yes Yes 550+ Yes
Aged leads Yes/ Semi- exclusive State, landline or mobile Yes Yes Yes
Appointments Yes $10K+ deposits Yes Yes 550+ Yes
Complete submissions Yes/ Semi-exclusive Credit score, monthly revenue, time in business $10K+ deposits 550+ Yes

Frequently asked questions

How do I get MCA leads?

Business cash advance leads from MasterMCA result from our teams’ expert use of various marketing tools. We explore every option possible including email, phone calls, SMS, ad placements, and other sources to widen the data we can provide for you.

How much do they cost?

The prices of different MCA leads vary depending on the provider. Some lead generation firms assign a price per lead, while some set a minimum by bulk order. Aged leads can cost as little as 0.40 cents, while real-time generated leads are typically more expensive. If you’re wondering if you can get merchant cash advance leads for free, unfortunately, no is the answer.

Are these leads exclusive?

Most of the leads for MCAs are exclusive, although they generally come with higher costs. However, your competitors might also be aware of leads acquired through submissions or aged data. As a result, you will have to provide a compelling reason for these merchants to choose you among other lenders.

How can I receive the leads?

You can choose different modes of receiving MCA leads in the format you prefer. We can send them through email, text, CRM, and other applications that you’re already using to make the transfer easy and accessible.

Can MCA leads be my only marketing plan?

Plenty of agents use MCA leads in shaping their marketing campaigns. It allows the sales team to focus on closing the deal with owners who need quick funding. However, a wiser option would be to use different lead sources to ensure that you can attract the attention of more prospects across different platforms.

Do I have to sign a lock-in contract?

Every client has unique needs that may not require long-term commitments to MCA leads. Therefore, there is no reason for you to sign a lengthy contract. Most lead generation specialists operate on a pay-as-you-go model, which means that you only need to spend money on services that you need.

What is a live transfer?

An MCA live transfer happens when the lead generation firm screens and validates the merchant’s qualifications for a cash advance. Pre-qualified owners can continue the conversation with your sales agent once they prove to meet the criteria that match your MCA offer.

How do I identify qualified MCA leads?

When you partner with MasterMCA, you only ever need to tell us what you look for in a prospective client. You can set the parameters such as revenue, credit score, time in business, etc., that you want your would-be client to possess. From there, our team can find the most qualified leads based on your preference.

What if the lead denies that they’re looking for MCAs?

Qualified leads will never deny searching for MCA programs because most of them willingly submitted their information. However, in the rare case that it happens, our team can assist you with the situation care of our specialists who had prior contact with the lead.


MasterMCA delivers high-quality business cash advance leads that you’re looking for and more. We have collaborated with merchants who successfully rose to the occasion using our leads. They managed to get these leads on board and sign that MCA deal. You can become one of them, too!

You can start your MCA leads journey with us by contacting our rep. We can answer all your questions and give you the details of our services and how MasterMCA can help you gather valuable leads for your business. We’re just a message or call away!