Best Merchant Cash Advance Leads

The number of businesses seeking financing today continues to increase. With the increased competition and demand, merchant cash providers heavily rely on excellent lead acquisition techniques and approaches to keep their operations going. In the same way, it makes it more challenging for lenders to find new leads to boost their businesses. Additionally, it can be a handful for lenders to streamline all loan applicants. Loans involve large sums of money, so to lenders, it is vital to approve funding to those merchants capable of paying off debts.

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) leads will provide lenders with not only potential merchants looking for funding. They also streamline businesses to fit the qualifications lenders require. This article will tackle MCA leads, processes, and how MCA works.

Merchant Cash Advance defined

Merchant Cash Advances provide small businesses with alternative funding. Business owners will receive money as a lump sum upfront from MCA lenders and pay the advance with the percentage of the company’s sales. MCAs can be ideal for businesses with higher credit card sales, need immediate funding, or cannot qualify for traditional loans. Furthermore, this type of funding is beneficial for companies with little to no assets and who need working capital for growth and expansion but have limited credit scores.

An MCA is technically not a loan. Instead, it is an advance based on a company’s future credit card sales or revenues.

How does a Merchant Cash Advance work?

The MCA lender and the merchant will agree on the advance amount, holdback percentage, and payback amount. Once everything is consented to, the advance cash will be transferred to the merchant’s business bank account for a portion of credit card receipts and other future receivables. In most cases, merchants must pay the agreed percentage of daily credit card receipts every day. They call it “holdback,” which needs to continue until the borrower pays the advance amount in full. Access to a borrower’s business account takes away the required collateral for traditional business loans.

Since the repayments depend upon the merchant’s daily balance, the more transactions the company has in a day, the faster it can repay the advance. For slower days, the payment drawn from the merchant’s account will be lesser as well.

The advantages

The merchant will receive an immediate lump sum of money.

In most cases, a cash advance application will only take less than a week before the lender deposits the cash to your business bank account. Timing can be a critical component for a successful company, and having immediate money is beneficial. For example, your business may need a company vehicle, and this car dealer is offering a Labor Day promotion. In this case, you might need quick cash, and an MCA could be ideal for getting the funding.

An impeccable credit record is not relatively necessary.

The application procedure for getting a merchant cash advance is straightforward and can be done and completed online. Additionally, if the merchant does not have an excellent credit score, they can still somehow qualify. One of the essential requirements of an MCA lender is for applicants to consistently generate a certain amount in revenues and business credit card sales. This will prove to lenders that the business can pay off the advance responsibly.

There are no set payment amounts.

Unlike loans, an MCA does not have specific monthly payments. Also, there are no sets of payment terms. Instead, the merchant agrees to a lump sum of cash in exchange for a portion of their sales. In context, you are not borrowing money. However, you are selling a percentage of your business’s future sales and revenues.

You can use the money for whatever purpose you have

Some loans are designed for specific purposes. However, merchant cash advances do not. Once you receive the lump sum of cash, you can use it however you would like. This process is ultimately beneficial for a business that needs money for various purposes.

Minimal to no risks to assets and credit ratings

Since cash advances depend on future revenues, a merchant does not need to use credit scores and balance sheets to prove their worth. Some might implement specific credit score requirements for merchants to qualify. However, in most cases, one needs not put their assets on the line with an MCA.

The drawbacks

They can be expensive

MCA lenders will vary. However, this funding option could cost your business more in terms of interest. Since a merchant cash advance is short-term financing, MCA providers are not relatively subject to as many regulations and interest caps. Hence, the lenders’ approvals usually come tied to hefty APRs (Annual Percentage Rate).

There will be limitations.

Merchants also need to look into possible restrictions and limitations when choosing MCAs. A usual condition can be merchants not allowing the business to switch credit card companies. Other potential rules may include revisions on operation hours and moving locations.

Financing future sales and revenues can be risky.

The future can be harder to predict. Along the way, businesses might encounter hurdles that can affect operations and sales. Since MCAs depend on future sales, they can expose to risks for lenders if the company sales drop.

The process of Merchant Cash Advance leads

Merchant Cash Advance leads are exclusive and real-time leads delivered to MCA providers. These leads include businesses looking for immediate working capital. In most cases, MCA providers generate leads from radio commercials and live TV broadcasts with merchants looking for instant funding. When the merchant hears or views the commercial, they can dial the toll-free number provided. Their calls then are directly live routed to the MCA provider.

Additionally, some companies also offer MCA leads services using websites, and from there, merchants can complete and submit the forms. After completing the web form, the necessary information of the merchant is transmitted to the MCA provider. The provider or lender can then contact the merchant for an MCA application.

Small and younger businesses know that securing appropriate and immediate funding can be a handful, especially with limited cash flow and tight deadlines. They are those seeking financing for payroll, expansions, or simply paying off other company debts. These merchants look for reliable lenders that can provide cash promptly.

What is the purpose of MCA leads?

Merchant Cash Advance Leads are essential to MCA lenders and providers. Reliable and quality leads mean better conversions. Consequently, they can provide a higher sales ratio and better revenue for lenders. Remember that not all merchants can pay their advances, and some will even default on their agreement. Hence, MCA lead providers make it easier for lenders to reach out to potential merchants, assuring a higher probability of adhering to repayment conditions. Also, quality leads boost competition and have a higher potential for renewals and ROI.

The lead generation of MCAs is a comprehensive and extensive process to gather all the most qualified client prospects. It is where MCA providers receive clients and process cash advances and other business loan options to eligible merchants. This process can be efficiently accomplished with call center cold calls or MCA lead generation services. Working capital providers can effectively use the following ways to increase their revenues and enhance performance on the sales floor.

  • Collect necessary and in-depth information for prospect data
  • Increase competition and company sales revenue
  • Supplement lead-deprived sales funnels
  • Expand coverage of financing portfolio

MasterMCA is one of the best Merchant Cash Advance Leads providers providing lenders access to information on qualified merchants. Lenders will be ahead of the competition and reduce overhead costs through easy access to updated merchant data. MCA providers can use the leads for business applications, especially guiding leads to callers, closers, and into the lenders’ marketing platform. With MasterMCA’s API and support specialists, MCA providers can receive real-time leads and assistance with system implementations.

What do MCA leads do?

The best Merchant Cash Advance leads reduce the company’s expenses in getting qualified client prospects seeking business loans. The industry’s success depends on the MCA provider’s ability to reach out and connect with those merchants in need of business loans. These leads do not only bring clients directly to MCA lenders and providers. They also bring to the table essential information to get merchants approved and funded instantly.

Leads from MasterMCA have critical information that expedites loan approvals. Merchants underwent screening in sales, revenue, time in business, and requested amount. In almost all cases, business owners have accomplished full submissions, enabling MCA providers to lay immediate offers to those businesses in need.

Meanwhile, ROI or return on investment is a vital driver for a well-performing company. MCA companies heavily depend on qualified and reliable MCA leads. These leads feed MCA companies’ sales funnels, making them close more deals with merchants. While lead acquisition can significantly affect the MCA providers, it can also distract most company owners unless they hire experts and professionals to process leads.

MasterMCA processes lead by giving providers lender approval information like factor rate, funding amount, fees, and term length. These were quoted to the businesses during the initial inquiry. Additionally, MasterMCA extracts live loan web inquiries and channels them to the provider’s sales floor. This way, MCA providers will spend less time choosing streamlining prospects and more time making money.

Types of Merchant Cash Advance leads

As MCA providers, one must also know that leads come in various types. By being familiar with the variations, you will understand how each can help boost your company.

Aged MCA leads

These types of leads are cost-effective and one of the more suitable ways to access data and profiles of merchants interested in securing immediate funding. Whether you are offering working capital solutions, business financing, or merchant cash advances, aged leads are excellent tools to build up one’s sales funnel. As MCA providers purchase aged leads, you can access hundreds of merchants immediately. With this, you can quickly deploy your strategies to check the financing the merchants need. Furthermore, lenders can add these contacts to their sales cycle and build the pipeline soon.

Fresh MCA leads

Opting for fresh MCA leads will give MCA providers a list of actual merchants who have applied for working capital within the past ten to thirty days. The degree of specificity is higher to the point that it lays out only the current and probable clients seeking for funding. Fresh leads contain the most recent information on loan-specific details, business names, and contact information that were used during the screening process. Since these are real-time leads, lenders can instantly deploy their strategies in reaching out to merchants that need funding.

MCA Web leads

These leads are real-time and exclusive. When MCA providers use MCA web leads, they can get information and data from merchants searching for financing options online and filling out forms asking MCA providers to contact them to discuss business loan options. Merchants from these leads are screened in terms of revenue, time in business, the purpose of the loan, and the amount requested. The web leads from MasterMCA are possible with the use of an exclusive transmission technique from more than sixty financing portal networks. MCA web leads provide flexibility, allowing users to customize the form, API, data integration, and submission criteria into the marketing platform.

MCA live transfer leads

Unlike aged leads, MCA live transfer leads do not come in spreadsheets. In context, aged MCA leads usually come in a CSV format which users can upload into a marketing campaign or dialer. MCA live transfer leads are basically sent one at a time.

Criteria of best Merchant Cash Advance Leads

What does it take to be one of the best Merchant Cash Advance Leads? Here are a few ways an MCA leads provider does to provide MCA lenders the best service efficiently:

Effective market research and profiling

MCA lead generation fulfills specific facets through doing extensive market research. This is for the sole purpose of discovering relevant leads that match potential merchant cash advance client profiles. With the help of leads, MCA providers must also rummage around potential merchants and clients that will match set requirements like the company size, budget, and type.

Multi-channel engagements

MCA leads incorporate various channels and platforms, including emails, blogs, social media sites, and business websites, as an addition to merchant cash advance services, apart from traditional and cold marketing. An MCA provider must use all on hand channels to communicate with the potential clients efficiently. Through leads, providers can lay out their most up-to-date offers and discuss various types of services that merchants want for their business to grow.

Qualified appointments

The best merchant cash advance leads have the knack for giving competent prospects. Ideal prospects are those potential borrowers and buyers of merchant cash advances who are considered to be “hot” during anticipated sales. However, this will largely depend on the value of MCA leads a buyer is willing to invest in. This is basically why looking for an accurate MCA lead provider is essential.

Why tap an MCA lead service provider?

Being an MCA provider, finding potential customers, and selling MCAs are easier said than done. Despite the demand for businesses searching for immediate funding, providers can’t be sure about the type of borrower they want to provide loan services to. Thanks to MCA leads service providers. They help in launching well-curated business advanced marketing initiatives. Here is a good list of the essential grounds why MCA providers must partner with MCA leads service providers:

Qualified and new leads

Companies providing MCA leads play an integral part in launching a successful marketing campaign. Once providers recognize their specific target MCA clients, their marketing will be more efficient and straightforward. A strategic service of MCA leads works to provide MCA providers with high-quality leads seeking working capital. Generally, MCA services target merchants and companies which have been in the business trade for at least six months. In most cases, they consider leads generating at least $15 000 monthly credit card revenues.

Time and money-saving

It would be a waste of time for MCA lenders to reach out and grant advances to unqualified businesses. However, as they use reliable MCA leads services, they can get special access to highly qualified merchants, gather more interest from companies, and finally result in positive conversions. Employing dedicated company knowledge and data, MCA lead companies can help providers in reaching potential merchants with more efficient means, whether through email campaigns or telemarketing.

Maintaining control

Besides providing credible and reliable leads, the sales group of MCA leads companies ensures to serve MCA providers’ needs while helping in looking for the best potential buyers of MCAs. These companies keep the merchants’ objectives as their top priority and create marketing campaigns for MCA providers to achieve their business goals.


In any company, experience will always be a vital aspect when it comes to giving excellent products and services. With experienced MCA leads companies, they sure are knowledgeable of the latest marketing developments. Additionally, they can work diligently in carrying out and introducing the latest advancements in MCA lead generation and marketing across industries. Furthermore, they can monitor MCA providers’ campaigns and compare them against other systems and initiatives to guarantee the utmost sales quantity.

Industries making use of Merchant Cash Advances

Being an MCA provider, it might also be easier for you to know which industries cash advances are usually utilized. This funding may be applicable to any industry. However, which among them highly uses MCA will help your company streamline your marketing campaigns and initiatives. Here is a list of a few of these sectors:

  • Restaurants are prone to experiencing vital ups and downs in cash flows. The industry is an excellent fit since most restaurants mainly accept credit card payments. Additionally, it corresponds to the restaurant’s pace in terms of sales which ensures that they do not commit to an amount they cannot afford. Consequently, several restaurant owners and operators look for merchant cash advances. Another reason is restaurants opt for MCAs to expand their businesses. Other expansion choices with restaurant funding include providing delivery services, catering business, and opening additional restaurant sites.
  • The trends in retail businesses are relatively volatile. Suppose an individual owns a retail business that experiences an occasional dip in sales; having additional on-hand funds can help keep the store afloat. Merchant cash advances are a suitable option since many customers pay using their credit cards. Cash advances allow retail to refill inventory and eventually earn more sales safely.
  • Clients who visit the salon for massages, manicures, and other kinds of pampering mostly pay with their credit cards. Additionally, salon owners can use additional funds from MCAs to fund equipment upgrades, hire more technicians, or buy marketing materials. These enhancements are essential since keeping customers is critical to the business’s success in increasing customer satisfaction and happiness. Also, salon operators can use the MCA funding to cover specific costs, including inventory, rent, and payroll.
  • Auto repair operators also face challenges in repaying loans. Failure to pay off debts, banks may seize the business’s equipment, machinery, and other high-value business components. Similar to other business types, some auto repair customers use their credit cards to pay for the services. As a result, auto repair owners can remit a part of the sales until they pay off the advance amount. One good thing about MCAs, they do not involve strict payment schedules. The funding from the MCA can be used for buying equipment, expansion, or paying for marketing.
  • The hotel and lodging business is also one of the top sectors when talking about seasonal ups and downs. As you may know, it’s not always that hotels and lodging can fill rooms all year round. The offseason can be an ideal time to improve accommodations. However, cash may not be enough to fund renovations. Here lies the essence of merchant cash advances. An MCA is beneficial in the industry when additional funding is needed. Also, most guests and other customers in the hospitality industry use credit or debit cards to pay for accommodation services. As a result, it can be easier to secure an MCA funding, as the payment terms will only involve a portion of the hotel’s credit card sales.
  • The agriculture industry also has its fair share of drawbacks, similar to other businesses. Various unexpected situations can happen, including bad weather, insect infestations, and livestock deaths. Furthermore, natural disasters and climate change can also harm agribusiness. Consequently, businesses in the agriculture industry need significant funding to cover for damages caused. MCAs can also be an ideal financing option for companies in this industry. Since the use of funding is flexible, owners can choose however they want to use the money.
  • Real estate is also a promising industry where MCAs are being utilized to fund building infrastructure, renovate and repair, and expand businesses. Also, to prevent potential losses on earnings, one can obtain immediate financing to kick off transactions and payback once a deal closes. Additionally, when real estate operators are faced with a capital shortage at the last minute in trying to complete a purchase, they can also turn to MCA funding.

More industries suitable for MCA funding include energy, Information Technology, manufacturing, telecommunications, electronics, entertainment, and others. As has been said, almost all businesses can turn to MCA for immediate funding.

MCA lead generation process

  • Data collection. It is all about assembling the necessary data. This is the first step of the lead generation process. MCA leads companies must have all the required data about merchants and business owners. The data should be updated regularly to ensure all the information is recent and valid. Additionally, companies need to validate background research and profile cross-check when listing prospects. Furthermore, outdated information must be eliminated so the draft can be more valuable and factual. By then, you can move to the next stage.
  • Approach. After filtering qualified prospects, it’s time to strategize an approach. However, it is easier said than done as you cannot just go and provide merchants cash advances randomly. The method has to be persuasive, well-mannered, confident, and knowledgeable. In this stage, various things to remember include the prospects’ interest, appropriate communication channel, and a reasonable timeline. To effectively address these concerns, one needs to ask the right questions.
  • Conversion. After the successful conversion, the leads become ready to be converted into paying customers. The leads have to be precise, careful, and professional. The process does not end in creating leads since companies usually do follow-ups on their customers until they convince them to buy their purchase leads. Clients have to understand that MCA lead providers are there to help their businesses in their best interest.

MCA leads vs. business leads

One of the most evident differences between merchant cash advance leads and business leads is how they are targeted. Business leads refer to potential consumers who are interested in products and services a company offers. Marketers and salespeople take all sorts of initiatives to attract interest from their target market. It can be through digital or traditional platforms.

As you can see, MCA leads are more specific and focused on merchant cash advances and other elements that revolve around that type of funding. MCA leads providers specifically to target merchants actively looking for funding and has converted them into potential businesses that are ready to be funded. Partnering with the best merchant cash advance leads specialists ensures reliable data of potential merchants with good credentials and who are qualified to repay the advances. Leads are an essential part of any business, especially those who heavily rely on cold calls to bring new clients into the funnel.


How many are MCA leads?

Costs for MCA leads vary depending on the company, availability, and campaign initiatives. Additionally, the pricing will also depend on the type of MCA leads the company will purchase. There are also other factors affecting the costs, so ensure to discuss with your MCA lead provider and specialists to get exact pricing.

What makes MasterMCA one of the best merchant cash advance leads providers?

MasterMCA has qualified prospects with leading data sources, including an extensive lead generation engine to channel merchant data into the company workflow and marketing platform. More importantly, by providing credible MCA leads, MasterMCA makes it easier for business owners to take control of competition and sale operations.

Is an MCA lead risky?

Considering the process these leads went through; MCA leads are less prone to risks. These leads are pre-qualified. Additionally, MCA is the only sector generating leads consistently. An MCA is less risky since merchants payback based on their sales and revenue.

How to identify credible MCA leads?

Look at the leads’ conversion ratio to assess its credibility. Before purchasing exclusive MCA leads from your chosen provider, ensure they consistently get fresh leads, gather leads with complete information, replace bad leads, and provide excellent customer support.

Where to get the best merchant advances leads companies?

As the industry grows, so does the number of MCA lead providers. There are various companies you can look at online. However, only a few of them ensure the most qualified MCA leads. Hence, you need to source a reputable company to have excellent service, and quality MCA leads. MasterMCA is a competent lead generator in the industry, providing top qualified and credible leads for its clients.

Why are MCA leads popular?

The payment terms with merchant cash advances are straightforward. The merchant gets a sum of money, then pays it back using the business’s future sales. Unlike other traditional loan options, MCA takes away the hassle of scheduled payment terms and additional requirements to get funding. Consequently, since the demand for MCA rises, so do MCA leads. More MCA leads providers to venture into a business helping MCA lenders get client prospects that can guarantee payment of advances on agreed terms.